If you have read Talking to Spirits – Part Three, you are invited to a free webinar this Sunday

I sent out Talking to Spirits – Part Three to a number of people and would like to gather their feedback this Sunday at 12 noon. I want your reactions to this part of the book as well as any editorial comments you care to make.

I intend to get this book to Kindle Publishing in the next two weeks and your feedback will help me achieve that goal. All who have helped with editing and review will get a mention in the acknowledgements and will also receive a free copy of the electronic version of Talking to Spirits.

The paperback version will take a few weeks more, so I expect it will not appear until January.

Please join me in Sunday’s free Webinar at 12 noon using this link:


If, for some reason you have not received a copy of Talking to Spirits – Part Three to review, please let me know and I will send you a copy immediately.

I want as much feedback as possible on this part of the book as it contains material that has not appeared before.

I would also like to discuss the possibility of training you to deliver sessions if that would interest you. I would like to make the training intensive and affordable, so your suggestions will be important in determining the final result.

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