I am without internet for the next few days so there will be no webinar this Sunday

We had a spectacular ice storm a few days ago and our power will not be restored until Saturday evening at 10 p.m.  his does not give me time to prepare for a webinar on Sunday so I would like you to use the time doing solo sessions or Consulting with your spiritual teammates.

I have been testing out a different way of Co counseling that might be helpful for some of you who are not confident of delivering sessions to another person. The way this works is 4 two people to work together to locate a being or clusters for one of the people and then the person who has the themes for clusters basically does a solo session with occasional help from the other person.

The reason this works is that having two people looking for a troubled being seems to illuminate the location where the being is and the person can now see a being where none was visible before.  Once a bring or a cluster is made visible by several people looking to locate it then the person who has the being can handle it with a solo session.

I have been using this procedure with Tim Lewis and Garrett Martel with great success.  We switch back and forth and find that we can spot beings using this technique where none is visible with us trying it alone.

1 thought on “I am without internet for the next few days so there will be no webinar this Sunday

  1. David St Lawrence

    I am still without power and do not expect to be online until late Monday. I am able to post short notes using my smartphone but it is like peering at the internet through a keyhole. One can get a partial view of what is going on but it is almost impossible to enter any amount of data because autocorrect keeps changing the words around.

    I am still working on the book and responding to questions but will not be fully online until probably Tuesday morning. Thank you for your patience and your support.


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