Free Webinar – I Need Some Field Reports On The Game Of Life

I am in the midst of creating Part Two of my Talking To Spirits book and I am missing some information on how the game of life is played.

In fact, I am missing some key data on what the purpose of the game of life is. If you have any scraps of session data to share, I would like to see if we can piece together some idea of how the game was played on earth, especially the period when life was essentially tardigrades and other invertibrates.

For example, I have spoken to people who spent lifetimes in Crow Magnon times and earlier, and in early colonies like Atlantis, but I have no recall of the empty planet days. Who was activating the pond scum?

If you have any recall on incidents before civilization, please join me and lets compare notes.

Use this link to join me tomorrow 10-21-18 at 12 noon;

No fee required.

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