Spirits Seem to Need Games to Avoid Boredom

(This is another section from my new book, Talking To Spirits)

Spirits do not need bodies for many of the activities they can indulge in. They can travel instantaneously to any point in the physical universe in the past, present or future. They have been able to create and destroy matter, energy, space and time and although they are capable of infinite awareness and knowledge, they make mistakes and have lost a great deal of their original free will because of decisions they have made in the past.

From session data, it appear that one of the problems that can beset and all-knowing and all powerful being is boredom and in an effort to alleviate this boredom, the being begins to play games with other beings.

In order to play a game, beings adopt rules which require them to not know what the opposing beings know or are going to do. If all information and intentions are known, there is no possibility that an unknown result can occur. A game seems to require that the final result is unknown, therefore players in a game have to give up their ability to know what is going to happen.

To add complexity to a game, a being can define a playing field and create pieces or players to participate and to mark progress in the playing of the game. In this way, games can be devised which can take long periods of time and cover lots of physical universe territory.

Creating living pieces to use in playing a game seems to add a necessary degree of complexity that challenges a spirit. The ability to take perceptions and sensations from the body as it is used in the game keeps the interest high and is part of the reward from playing the game.

Spirits like games and projects and possession of a body evidently combines challenges and rewards of a grand nature. Depending on the game, a spirit may even be running multiple pieces or bodies and even playing their roles against each other.

Over time, the number of games can increase and sub-games can arise with goals and objectives that out reach any of the original goals. As the number of players is unlimited, the complexity of the games being played can increase without limit and the original point of the games can be lost in the shuffle.

Having pieces (bodies) with finite lifetimes adds to the complexity of the game of life. The game can be infinite, but your chosen pieces must be swapped out after a while and new strategies must be employed.

I see spirits who played grand roles in ancient history choosing to re-emerge in a role with great handicaps just to prove that they have what it takes to succeed under all conditions. A great leader with a stunning history of victories can choose to re-emerge as a crippled native boy or girl from a primitive culture to prove to himself that he can overcome all obstacles.

You can get the idea from these session observations that winning the great game is what is important and the body you use is just a tool for playing the game effectively.

Unfortunately, for many of the players I have met, the purpose of the great game has been lost over the eons and their attention is stuck on the impermanence and condition of the body they are running.

Most of us are no longer players in a great game. We have become the pieces we were fielding. Over the eons, we have gone from gods to pawns and knights on the chessboard of life.

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