Axiom One: If you are not enthusiastic, you are being affected by unhappy spiritual entities.

If you use SRT processes on the unhappy entities, enthusiasm will return. If you are the unhappy entity, SRT processes will restore enthusiasm to you also. Understanding this Axiom is essential if you wish to experience joyful enthusiasm and maintain that fortunate state.

HOWEVER, I have mentioned this axiom frequently over the past few years and I find that very few of you use this axiom in the way I intended it to be used. My belated realization is that I am not doing an effective job of showing you how to apply it.

I find that far too many of you put yourself in situations where your spiritual companions are unhappy with how things are being done, and you do this for the very best of reasons! You want to help people and you want to deliver what you have promised.

You are relying on well-accepted stable data that has passed the test of time and I am not about to suggest that this data is wrong. I want you to consider the greater picture and see if you should have ever started what you are now doing that is making you and your spirits unhappy.

Lets look at the situation in a different way. What are you subjecting yourself to that is making you uncertain or unhappy? If you are working or living with people who put you on the defensive, you are dealing with someone who does not appreciate you for what you can do.

Working with someone who does not appreciate you for what you can do is extremely destructive. Don’t ever make less of yourself in any situation. You are there to help people. Surround yourself with people who appreciate what you are doing for them.

I want you to remain true to yourself and to be protective of your creativity and your willingness to help others. 

If someone does not like you and appreciate you, he or she does not deserve you.

We will discuss how you can recognize when you are making less of yourself and what you can do to correct this situation and enjoy the benefits of controlling your life.

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