A Simpler Way to Judge Potential Employers or Clients

What if you were to judge potential employers or clients by noticing how they affect your happiness?

When you are naturally good-natured and stay that way when you interview a prospective client, or customer, or an employer, in most cases these people are easy to work with and are willing to work with you to solve problems.

If you talk to a prospective customer or client and you are on the defensive from the opening comments, you will not have a satisfactory relationship as they are dedicated to making you wrong

I want you to consider monitoring yourself when you talk to a prospective client or employer. Don’t bother trying to figure out what the person is thinking or where he is on the tone scale. Does he make you happy when you talk to him about working with him? Or, does he make you feel like you have to watch every word you say?

If a prospective employer puts you on the defensive could you consider wasting him and finding an employer who appreciates you?

Working with someone who does not appreciate you for what you can do is extremely destructive. I have had very few of these, but those I met in corporate life were dream killers.

I want you to remain true to yourself and to be protective of your creativity and your willingness to help others.  If someone does not like you and appreciate you, he or she does not deserve you.

If you find yourself being propitiative to clients or employers, you can benefit from some SRT sessions to restore your strength of will and your innate confidence in yourself.

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