Free Will and Personal Privacy – Part One

The entire thrust of Spiritual Rescue Technology is to increase free will of the beings studying it and being counseled.

Free will means being able to communicate at will, but it also implies the existence of personal privacy and control over one’s personal information.

Privacy is not simply an absence of information about us in the minds of others; rather it is the control we have over information about ourselves.

If we can talk about something, we can exercise free will with respect to that communication.

When we can freely communicate about a subject, we regain our free will with regard to that subject.

In an early bulletin Ron Hubbard wrote this about having control over information about ourselves:

It’s in PAB 128 and 131 in the tech vols. Quoting from 128:

“It is the ability to withhold communication which advances IQ and makes a person feel better, not the ability to divulge it.”  He goes on to talk about a being made to communicate would become depressed rather than enlightened.

This supports the idea that enforced communication through confessionals and security checks worsens a person’s state of mind. My years in Scientology bear this out.

As long as we focus our attention and actions on increasing a being’s free will, we will encourage free communication. This does not include being made to communicate or being scolded for non-communication.

Once that is thoroughly understood, we all need to recognize that not being able to communicate about something causes a lessening of personal power and is what makes a being diminish themselves and become effect of others.

We will take up the prickly problem of what happens when a person has to withhold self from others in the next section:  Free Will and Personal Privacy – Part Two

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