WHY? Because the entire thrust of Spiritual Rescue Technology is to increase the free will of every spirit contacted and handled. That includes you who is normally the spirit in charge of your activities.

In Spiritual Rescue technology, your privacy is under your control and this gives you the power to share only what you wish to share which is another way to put you at cause over your life.

Free will exists when beings can choose, think, and act at their own discretion. Free will implies privacy which is control a being has over information about himself.

There are many organizations and creeds which tend to suppress free will and they do this by means of a mechanism called “confession of sins”. Once the organization decides what a sin is, then they can determine that you have sinned. You are then required to admit your sin and repent so that you can be a group member in good standing. They often use punishment as a means to compel your confession of wrongdoing, since confession of arbitrary sins acts against the basic desire of any being to protect themselves from harm

Once an environment incorporates assignment of sin, confession of sin, and repentance for sinning, free will is long gone.

Efforts to encourage free will while enforcing severe restraints creates an unfortunate state of indoctrination. Anyone familiar with Scientology can observe this behavior in loyal members. The same state of indoctrination can be observed in many mainstream religions, like Catholicism, Protestant sects and Islam.

The entire thrust of Spiritual Rescue Technology is to increase free will of the beings studying it and being counseled.

You are welcome to withhold information you do not wish to share. We have found that you can get positive gains in awareness and abilities even when you are withholding information you do not wish to share.

Our counselors are able to pick up thoughts and read intentions from spiritual beings and clients alike. They use caring communication to reassure all beings that the intention of counseling is to increase free will of all beings contacted. There is no punishment of any kind for withholding information.

The recovery of free will is dependent on being able to communicate, so if a client is hindering their communication because of secrets they wish to hide, they will find it difficult to attain any degree of free will for themselves, but they can be effective in helping their spiritual companions to achieve free will.

There is much more to discuss regarding this matter and we will start by holding a webinar tomorrow to discuss why encouraging free will is more important than wringing out confessions of wrongdoing.

Join me tomorrow at 12 noon EDT using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Yes, there will be a donation for this webinar, use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10
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