Webinar Topic for Sunday – Seeking Answers from a Higher Power?

Seeking Answers from a Higher Power? – Part One

I have noticed over the years that SRT clients and students have tried different ways to connect with spiritual sources for additional enlightenment. Some of their discoveries have been incorporated in SRT processes for spiritual healing and for contacting beings who resist being contacted. Other discoveries have not been productive and the people involved have not done well spiritually. A recent observation shows that some clients and students are seeking answers from a higher power.

You have probably noticed that Spiritual Rescue Technology succeeds where it asks questions and lets you and your spiritual companions discover the answers. When we try to share what we have learned from asking questions, this tends to run afoul of earlier similar efforts to transfer knowledge by instruction. There are so many painful incidents relating to classroom instruction that our minds and bodies tend to shut down automatically as soon as we join in a group and face an instructor.

How do we avoid this in Spiritual Rescue Technology? Well, SRT is a Heuristic Technology which enables a person to discover or learn something for themselves. It is “a “hands-on” or interactive approach to learning”

Effective learning and action takes place through accurate discoveries made by the student, who correctly identifies the exact and precise who, what, where, when, and how and recovers a body of applicable knowledge. The more knowledge the student gets, the more knowledge they are capable of getting. It is an ever-expanding circle of knowledge begetting knowledge.

Our Spiritual Rescue Technology is based upon acquiring knowledge by enhancing each client or student to unlock their hidden or oppressed potentiality. The basic concept is, the more knowledge a being has in an area, the more knowledge the being is capable of acquiring.

The simple fact is – knowledge begets knowledge. The more knowledge, the more power, the more effective are your actions and the greater are your accomplishments. Once a student or client begins to open up their ability to acquire knowledge in an area, it is a natural law that, as time and experience go by, more and more knowledge is acquired until a state of mastery is attained in that area. Just because a student or client has successfully completed a procedure, process, or exercise does not mean that that is as far as their mastery or awareness can reach.

So, how do we identify a higher power and seek answers from this higher power? Here are some suggestions:
1. We create a definition of a higher power so that we can recognize when we have contacted one. What tone level should we be looking for? What abilities should we perceive? What effects on us should we expect?
2. We identify the information or assistance we need from this higher power.
3. We work out a manner of address to this higher power so that our communication will be welcomed and responded to.
4. We locate the higher power or it’s agents using the definition we have created in #1 above.
5. We communicate using caring communication until we establish a basis for a conversation.
6. We gather the data we need.

In Seeking Answers from a Higher Power – Part Two, we will gather results from those who have already connected with higher powers and will try to replicate their results.

In the meantime, we will be holding a webinar tomorrow at 12 noon where we will gather data from webinar participants on their efforts in contacting higher powers and asking for help.

Join us using the usual link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Yes, there will be a donation for this webinar, use this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10
if you have not already donated.

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