Free Webinar 9-2-18 – Building A Team of Spirits To Play The Game You Want

This is a free webinar because we are going to share our successful actions for getting spirits to help us.

All of you have some activities you excel at and I would like any recommendations you have for getting your spirits to work in alignment.

I have some successful actions to share, but I am aware that there is much more I could do if I can learn from your experiences in getting things done easily. You may not even be aware that you have spiritual help, but I can assure you that sharing the things you get done easily and without effort will reveal your spiritual helpers to the rest of us.

For example, cooking used to be an effort for me even though I liked to cook. Once I realized that I have a spiritual advisor who LOVES to cook, I actually changed my behavior in ways that let him do his thing and gave us both a great sense of accomplishment.

Writing used to be an effort also, but once I realized I have a writing team I changed my behavior to take advantage of their willingness to help me write. They now participate in every writing activity I do including this one.

I also have teams who help with counseling, computer and other technical matters and mechanical design .

I am going to discuss what I have discovered about these areas of activity that should help others to build a team of spiritual helpers for any activity. Your contributions about your areas of excellence will help me document how this can be done by anyone willing to work with spirits.

Join me at 12 noon EDT on Zoom:

There will be no charge for this webinar.

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