Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Six

You Are Visible Now, Be Prepared

All of these years, you have been happily under the radar pretending you had no telepathy or other paranormal abilities, just occasionally predicting a future event, or knowing someone was pregnant before they did, and generally hop, skip, and jumping through life with a passing grade on careers, romance, talent, and general ability to survive one disaster after another.

Then you had to start learning about Spiritual Rescue Technology, whatever that means, and you got introduced to spirits in a brand new way. You could hear their thoughts and see their pictures and in many cases, once you heard their stories some of them even went away happy!

You could see that they had been the cause of many of your inhibitions and fears and when they left, so did those feelings which you had thought were yours! The relief from the departure of these spirits was entirely welcome, but it did not last. The more of these spirits you handled in session, the more that seemed to appear and want your help!

You can now see that there are thousands and thousands more of these spirits and they all seem to want more from you than you are prepared to give them now or possibly ever. You get discouraged and feel that more sessions are useless because there are an unending number of beings to handle and more seem to show up every day.

You try to shut the voices out and resolve to do your best and just go on ignoring them. If you work hard at it and take the right drugs and pray very hard, it almost works. They are out there, but you no longer care.

This is all very unnecessary and you can save a lot of time and money by realizing that when you recover your spiritual awareness, you are going to see things that were invisible to you before. You are going to have to make some choices that were never open to you before and you have to take responsibility for your spiritual security now that your blinders are off.

The scary beings that you can now see have been there all along. The people in your life who have intended loathsome things for you have been doing that all along, but you were oblivious. You can now see the hate flows from neighbors who always just seemed distant. The empty flattery of a loved one can become painfully obvious now as will the scorn and disapproval of your employers. Those who can warm your heart will still do so, but you will start noticing alternate personalities popping up where they were never visible before.

You may wish you could go back to your youthful innocence where Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy were real, and your parents loved you but not too much, but that is not going to happen. Once your awareness has been reawakened, it cannot be shut down again without great damage to your personality. You can’t go back to the way you were.

You notice I said REAWAKENED, not awakened. You will discover that you turned off your abilities a very long time ago for reasons that seemed good at the time, and they have stayed off, until now. It is time to pull up your big person britches and prepare to deal with life as it is instead of hoping that someone will come along and save you.

You have the abilities to change your life in ways you would never expect and you can do this effortlessly and joyfully if you take advantage of your innate skills and make friends with the many spirits in your environment who will be delighted to help you when you are ready.

Now that you are on the road to recovering your spiritual awareness, you need to exercise some discipline over what you are doing spiritually. By that, I mean that you need to take responsibility for the effects you cause on other spirits. You are not operating in a vacuum. When you reach out and contact someone else telepathically, they are aware of your presence and if your intentions.

If you are wandering around wide-eyed in the spiritual world looking into dark corners and peeking at beings who are trying to hide, what do you think will happen? Have you ever wandered through a bad neighborhood looking at the people lurking on street corners or in back alleys? How long before you attract unwelcome attention and a swarm of people descend on you and relieve you of your money and possibly your life?

As your awareness increases, your self discipline needs to increase accordingly. Keep your attention on the things you need to be concerned with, your career, your goals, your health, and your spiritual awareness. Handle only those beings who interfere with your aspirations and ignore those trillions of beings who are seething about matters that do not involve you.

If you are getting help handling the beings who accompany you through life, pay attention to the counselor and do not wander aimlessly through the abyss of spiritual things looking for trouble. There is plenty of trouble there and it is not your job to set it right at this point. Your top priority is to make friends with the beings who want to help you and organize them to make your life easier and achieve your goals effortlessly. They have an unbelievable amount of data to share with you and the sooner you take advantage of that the better.

Do everything possible to increase your awareness, but stay focused on your objectives and do not wander off and poke sleeping spirits who are not your concern. You will have your hands full recruiting and training spirits who actually want to join your team and contribute.

I will cover that adventure in the next series of articles on Building A Team Of Spirits To Play The Game You Want.

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