Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Five


When I mention “Talking to Spirits”, many people think first of communicating with departed spouses and parents. The vast population of spirits who accompany us through life does include ancestors as well as departed pets and children.

Anyone who has run SRT sessions has also encountered spirits who were Viking warriors, Indian chiefs, Aztec priests, cutthroats, highwaymen, beggars and thieves of all kinds.

Then there are the coldblooded people who enslaved millions and torched planets in earlier times when they were not forcing beings to wear machine bodies and raise babies for food.

Civilizations seem to become so organized over time that independent thought was a luxury it could not afford and various ways were employed to ensure that beings thought only in controlled ways.

Life in some of these civilizations was so hard that cannibalism and other unhappy practices prevailed. We all carry beings around who still have vivid memories of those days. The only reason we are still sane is if they are safely sleeping. When they are awakened, we get the Jeffrey Dahmers. the John Wayne Gacys, and the Ted Bundys.

If we are selectively searching for a pattern of behavior as in an SRT session, we can resurrect one of these monsters without harm and can handle the drives that made him infamous and turn him loose to live a better life. If we stir such a being up by careless experimentation or drug use, we are essentially raising a demon who can stealthily take control and bring us great harm.

There are also beings who form the basis of the great conspiracy theories and who worked on long range plans for planetary control of long dead civilizations. Workers of the occult like Aleister Crowley craved the kind of inspiration that such beings could offer. Hubbard was a student of Crowley’s and seemed to have similar dreams at one time.

If you are looking for unlimited and unspeakable power, there are beings who have exercised such power and the unwary pilgrim can find himself possessed by such a being. Hitler was a student of the occult during his rise to power. Who knows where he found his ideas for world domination?

The point I am trying to make is that the spiritual universe is like a vast abyss and we can barely imagine what lies in the depths. Casually throwing out a line to see what we can pull in is a sure way to catch something seriously and possibly fatally unpleasant.

Working the shallows of the spiritual universe and carefully handling beings who are directly influencing our lives has been proven successful for many years.

If a being is affecting us at some level and can be detected in an SRT session, we have ways to wake the being up and restore his responsibility level so that he does not persist in his earlier ways. We save a being and we make the world a better place for all when we do this. As we increase our knowledge, we can widen our influence on contemporary life.

We are lighting candles in the darkness and it will take a lot of time to illuminate the distant corners of our current universe, but if we don’t do this, who can?

Tune in to our next part, Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Six where we discuss some strategies for stabilizing our gains and expanding our control over the spiritual universe.

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