Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Four


Possession sounds like something out of a Steven King novel, but the uncomfortable truth is that all of the people you know are being influenced by the spirits around them and some of them spend hours every day being run by beings who have taken over control of their lives.

Fortunately most of these beings have been running the person since birth so the changes in behavior are almost invisible. The being supposedly in charge of the body handles most of the everyday traffic and the “hidden copilot” takes over when life gets stressful.

You will see this when a person is challenged in some way, as in being made wrong for something they said or did. The person’s mood will change and their physical appearance will change and they will act in a way to deflect or rebut the challenge. Sometimes they will go into propitiation or act harmless so they will not be hurt.

Try talking politics or any other controversial subject to a stranger and you will usually see an alternate personality be presented as the “political argument being” takes over. Some people delight in unleashing their “inner monster” when life frustrates them. Their inner monster handles situations that they cannot handle with their regular personality.

One of the signs that another being is running the person is that when the emergency is over, the person will have no memory of what they said or did during the stressful episode.

For most people, the switch from self control to being run by another being is so well practiced that only the most alert observer will notice what has happened. For some the shift is more visible.

I had a boss at one time who had a real problem paying people money and he would switch from his usual frank and friendly manner to a defiant and blatant liar when asked for a payment. His memory of these events was amazingly spotty which made it frustrating to work with him.

It is not only sessions that will restimulate beings who can cause you trouble. Your choice of literature and videos and friends will awaken some of your beings who have not given you trouble before. If you watch horror movies, or pornography or snuff movies or anything particularly degrading, you keep nudging the sleeping beings we all have buried deep in our unconscious and they will rise out of their sleep and give you nightmares and and even daytime nightmares. Once a being has woken up, it only takes the right circumstance and he can take over and make you life a complete horror show.

If you are troubled by degrading or horrifying thoughts, handle the source of these thoughts in session before the being causes you permanent harm when your guard is down. The same is true for troubling dreams. These are produced for your viewing pleasure by some of your spiritual companions. Do not let them persist or these companions can ruin your life when you least expect it.

Talking to spirits in the right way will give you control over your spiritual existence. Careless or unwise spiritual experimentation can open the door to overwhelm by nightmare creatures who are more dangerous than anything you can envision.

Tune in for our next episode, Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Five

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