Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Three


Before we go any further, I should explain why Spiritual Rescue Technology SRT processing can safely be done on raw public when somewhat similar processes used by other groups need years of preparation and training before they can be done without causing a psychotic break.

SRT processing is a deceptively simple conversational style process that introduces the new person to telepathy quite gently. The counselor asks the being a question and the new person has been prepared to voice the first thoughts that come to his mind in response to the question. The first questions are usually framed so they can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Counselor: “Is it all right if I talk to you?”

Being telepathically speaking to the client: “Yes”

Counselor: “How long have you been with client?”

Being: “All his lifetime”

The client usually takes to the idea of having someone else’s thoughts in his head with some excitement. He relays the beings thoughts without editing them and it sounds to others as if he is originating the words. As the session proceeds, the client finds he can get more thoughts and images from the being. By the end of the session, he has a good idea of what the being’s life and death was like.

In other groups, there is a great deal of training that does not mention spirits at all. In many cases, the first time the poor subject does a session he does it solo and is deluged with thoughts and voices in his head during the session and long afterwards. Furthermore the person is forbidden to discussing his session so he is buried in mystery. He is instructed to get rid of the spirit and not to talk to him. He rarely has any idea of who the being was or was like.

The bottom line is that SRT processing is done on a conversational level with the spirit or group of spirits and each process is done to a release point before other spirits are engaged. Caring communication ensures that the spirits are helped to come awake and encouraged to exercise their free will all during the session. Communication is open and friendly with nothing enforced on the newly awakened beings.

The process is direct and to the point, but is done in a caring way that makes it easy for the being to respond. If there are additives to the process like off purpose questions and demands for information, the process will quickly come to a stop with the spirits refusing to cooperate. If the process turns into an interrogation of the being, all communication will stop and the telepathic bond will vanish. If a counselor or a solo counselor has no affinity for spirits, he will get no responses to his questions. Telepathy requires trust and a willingness to help and to be helped.

With caring communication, the chances of awakening a being and restimulating his most horrifying memories are extremely remote. A rough and impersonal interrogation of a newly awakened being can bring out the worst in him and he can hide from view until he decides how to handle the situation. The newly awakened being will bide his time and take control of the client’s life when the time is right. This spiritual possession can be quite stealthy and the client may not notice it until it is fully established.

In Are You Setting Yourself To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Four, we will discuss spiritual possession, how to recognize it, and how it works.

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