Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings – Part Two


If you have been exposing yourself to overwhelm by hostile spirits without realizing you have been doing it, there are several things you can do to avoid this situation.

  1. When you communicate with spirits, use caring communication and make sure you complete all communication cycles before moving on to other spirits or groups of spirits.
  1. Handle one spirit or group of spirits at a time and keep your attention on those spirits when you are doing your handling.
  1. If you have to include another spirit or group of spirits in the discussion, make sure that the original spirit or group is OK with the inclusion. Keep your attention on all of the spirits that you are helping and do not let your attention disperse to other spirits or groups of spirits.
  1. Once you begin an SRT process on a spirit or group of spirits, stick to the standard process outline of finding the incident, finding what was done or not done to trigger the incident, finding the justification for what was done to a full release of charge.Do not diverge into an examination of the theory of cluster formation, or how the spiritual universe is connected to the physical universe, or how many alternate timelines are connected to the cluster you are examining. Handle the being or clusters of beings to a full release before starting any other action.
  1. When a being or a cluster has drawn your attention and the counselor asks you questions about the being or cluster, focus your attention on the being or cluster and not on all of the beings and clusters that are within your view. Over-reaching can be done when a person is not aware of the intensity of their attention. When a counselor says locate the beings or cluster that are saying a particular message, you do not reach out to all of eternity and look for every beings or cluster that is out there. Stay focused and you will not restimulate more beings than you are handling.
  1. The primary cause of over-restimulation is a lack of focus when locating and handling spirits. If you persist in waking up more spirits than you are handling, you will end up with spirits who have been disturbed and have not had their charge addressed.
  1. These spirits may be quite powerful and may be capable of taking control of you during session if you continue to agitate them without addressing their concerns. They can break into the session with complaints about the session and will interrupt any processing that is going on.
  1. As the host personality, you have the responsibility to assist the counselor in maintaining order during a process cycle. If you allow the spirit who being assisted to go off on interesting tangents, you will awaken more beings and will probably pull in mass as well.

There are other steps that should be taken to maintain control over your spiritual companions and we will take them up in Are You Setting Yourself To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part Three.

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