Are You Setting Yourself Up To Be Taken Over by Other Beings? – Part One


I have recently discovered that a person can be exposing themselves to overwhelm by hostile spirits without realizing they are doing this to themselves.

The most important indicator is that their tone level is going down even with regular solo or counseling sessions. Session after session, they will have wins and then either at the end of session or afterwards, they suffer a relapse and feel discontented and unhappy about their prospects for getting better.

There may be many causes, but in all cases I have observed, there is one common theme that occurs again and again. The person wants to handle as many beings as possible as soon as possible and is not satisfied with handling one being or cluster at a time.

There is another indicator that is a bit more subtle, they do not seem to accumulate a growing cadre of trusted spiritual companions to ease their handling of life. They are constantly observing beings and clusters which are opposing them and the effect of these opposing forces does not seem to diminish.

Last of all, people at risk of being taken over do not progress out of the bottom ranges of this chart.

To learn how to avoid this situation, join me for part two of this series. If you have a concern that you are already being affected by this condition, give me a call and we can chat.

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