8-19-18 Webinar – Discovering Truth

I find in session after session that a realization will occur and all sorts of emotional charge will be revealed. Some of these realizations are quite profound and sharing them will release emotional charge for others.

This brings up the question of how true is the realization and my simplistic answer is that the more truth is uncovered in the realization, the greater the emotional release.

Some realizations are so powerful that they are sufficient to dissolve long standing misconceptions and confusions on contact.

All one has to do to someone who is confused or in trouble is to acquaint them with the data that has been discovered and their confusions will blow.

Here are some truths we have rediscovered recently:

  • You may be sharing control of your body with being who is constantly awake and is trying to wrest control from you.
  • When you discover a truth in a session, that discovery blows confusion and emotional charge
  • An implant is an effort to put someone else at effect
  • Some evidence that beings who become body parts have been implanted to do this
  • When you are talking to a spirit and he does not come uptone, you are doing it wrong. You may not be using caring communication or the spirit is trying to control the process.
  • When you are using SRT to help a client and his tone level drops, a different being has taken over the conversation. Identifying the being and finding his incident will handle the situation.
  • When a being voices a realization and this does not raise his tone level, it is not his realization. He is trying to run someone else’s incident.
  • Your spirits are not godlike. They can be surprised by your body’s reaction to events.
  • When a dear partner drops a body, and you remarry, the departed spirit may need help in adjusting to the new situation.

Join me Sunday at 12 noon EST for a discussion of these and other truths and how you might use them to live trouble free. I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 12 noon EDT at the usual link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

Use this link for your $10 webinar donation if you have not already done so: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

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