Thank you for your good wishes and healing Flows

I am back on duty today after an unexpected heart attack earlier this week. The good people at the Carilion Hospital in Roanoke Virginia installed a new stent and let me off with some instructions for maintaining my health for a few more years.

I am very aware that some of you were helping me recover this quickly and I appreciate your care and healing abilities.

I am now pain free and ready to resume counseling, although I may deliver sessions on a somewhat reduced schedule until I have completed my cardio rehab sessions at a nearby hospital. I will be contacting every client and confirming my session delivery schedule in the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Thank you for your good wishes and healing Flows

  1. David Post author

    Talking to Spirits seems to have some health benefits
    This last operation was very fast and I spent no time in the intensive care unit.

    Heart attack Monday night.
    Go to hospital Tuesday and get stent installed.
    Recovery on Wednesday.
    Home on Thursday.

    Delivering sessions Thursday evening.

    All of my spiritual companions are back to normal.
    They did not freak out in the hospital at all.

    We will start cardio rehab next week.


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