If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Eight

You need to rehabilitate your ability to reach and withdraw from life’s challenges.

We have covered the benefits of talking to spirits and I would now like to share with you the most powerful tool you can use to make your conversations with spirits productive, Reach and Withdraw.

As a spiritual being, your native mode of operation is to reach into an area to see what is going on and then withdraw from the area to evaluate what you have observed.

However, over the vast amount of time since you were a powerful and godlike being, you have taught yourself not to look too closely at things that appear to be disturbing or threatening. As a result, you have managed to shut off your telepathic abilities to the point where you now rely on what people say instead of perceiving what they are really thinking. Once you shut down your abilities this far, you are at the mercy of anyone who can lie with a straight face and life becomes a long series of betrayals and upsets.

We have developed a simple reach and withdraw process that will remedy your inability to know what someone is thinking or planning. This process, if practiced faithfully, will rehabilitate your psychic powers and your telepathic skills to the point where you will no longer miss what is going on around you.

So far, we have had positive results from anyone I have coached and it does take coaching before you are able to reach without flinching or using effort. The simple secret is that you have to learn to reach in a caring way no matter what it is your are reaching into. When you get to the point where you can reach in a loving way, your life will be so much easier that you will never look back at what you were doing before.

Here is the best way to do reach and withdraw on a being, a person, or even a body part that is giving you trouble:

First, clear your mind and get yourself into present time. Use whatever meditation or spiritual calming routine your prefer. Do not proceed until you are calm and cheerfully ready to reach into someone’s space.

Your first reach should be caring and gentle and you should seek to occupy the space where the person, being or body part is located. Continue reaching until you are satisfied that you can go no further. Observe what is going on in that area, but do not communicate or form any opinion about what you are observing. Withdraw when there is nothing new to observe.

When you have withdrawn, this is the time to assess what you have observed and you can discuss it with the person who is helping you if there is one.

Your next reach should be done with more caring and love about the beings or body parts you are reaching. This time you should seek to fully occupy the space and any viewpoints that exist in that space. Essentially, you are trying to “be” whatever is in that space. If you are able to do this, you will start to duplicate the intentions of the beings in that space and you will begin to understand what the beings in that space are trying to accomplish. Withdraw when there is nothing new to observe.

When you have withdrawn, this is the time to assess further what you have observed and you can discuss it with the person who is helping you if there is one. You may have noticed that there are barriers to your reaching and withdrawing.

You should continue to reach and withdraw from the beings and the barriers and anything new that showed up during the preceding reach and withdraw cycle until you have a realization about the target of your reaching and the problem you are trying to solve vanishes. If you are doing this correctly, it should only take 4 or 5 cycles.

You will find, when you learn to do this well, that you can determine what the person or being’s intention is in just a few minutes and your life will become much simpler.

You will find that your ability to confront difficult situations will increase to the point where you can handle situations with ease that would leave you fuming and frustrated before. If you are encountering situations which will not resolve with discussion, you will know instantly that you should avoid them and the threats involved. For example, when you are able to reach and withdraw with ease, you will not knowingly walk into danger or get into arguments with dangerous people.

This has great application when meeting new people or interviewing for jobs. With reach and withdraw, you will know who you are dealing with and the state of their spiritual companions.

One last point. Distance is no barrier to doing reach and withdraw on someone. If you can do it in a caring or loving way, you can know what someone is like without disturbing them. You can probably leave them with a positive impression of you.

If you use reach and withdraw on everyone in your surroundings, you may just find that your relationships will improve markedly. If you use caring communication with those about you, you will definitely experience better relationships.

Caring communication is a harmonious communication which seeks to raise the awareness of those you are talking to.

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