If You Are Not Talking To Your Spirits, You Are Doing Things The Hard Way – Part Seven

We have covered the spiritual mechanisms involved in animating a body in Parts Five and Six. In this section we will cover the processes you might want to use in healing a body.

There are several different ways of handling the spirits who are animating a body. Your selection of a process can be guided by the the awareness of the person you wish to heal and the condition of the person’s body.

1. We will start with the easiest and fastest way to handle a body condition. This will occur when the person with the illness or injury understands that their current physical condition is being affected by spiritual beings who are in a state of restimulation because of something that has occurred in the current environment. Something in the current or recent environment has triggered memories of a past and possibly fatal incident in the spiritual beings who surround the person or reside in their body.

We get the person to locate the area that is damaged or inflamed and let us know what he sees. If we put our attention on the area it seems to illuminate the scene and shows up any spiritual beings who have attention on that area. If there are multiple observers looking into the body at the damaged area, the illumination can be so great that the body problem vanishes spontaneously.

A person who is aware of spirits and has contacted them before will now be able to spot the beings who are affecting the area of the body that is in trouble and should be able to communicate with them and handle the source of their upset. The handling follows the usual pattern: find the incident they are stuck in; find what they did to trigger the incident and become the effect of it; get all of their justifications for triggering the incident. When this is done, the beings will no longer be upset and the damaged or inflamed area will seem to improve.

It is important to check for all of the other beings who are affecting the area and to handle them in the same way.

2. When a person has no knowledge of spirits and their effects on the body, you can still get them to locate the area that is in distress and get then to tell you what color it appears to be and how big it is. Even untrained people will be able to sense the condition of a body part or organ and will be able to sense changes which occur in processing.

Have them put their attention on the body area or part and flow love to that area. You will be surprised at how many people will have difficulty loving that area or body part. In many cases, they have been flowing dislike or even hate at some part of their body and the spiritual beings in that area will be upset at this treatment and will resist any effort to fix things up.

You must gently persist until your get the person to view the body area with love and affection and get them to flow that love to the area being treated. As they do this, the color of the area will change and affected area will shrink. As the area changes make sure that the person notices the changes that occur and continues to flow love at the area until the problem is resolved.

You may even find that the person can now spot the presence of spiritual beings in the area and can spot their emotions and their thoughts. If this is the case, follow the usual process of locating the incident they are stuck in and getting what they did to cause it and their justifications.

There is another process for dealing with spirits and that is called Reach and Withdraw. Because this process is so powerful, I will be discussing it in the next section, part Eight.

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