8-5-18 FREE WEBINAR – On Breaking the Rules of the Physical Universe

We have had some interesting sessions recently where we were able to observe the difference between the rules of the physical universe and the spiritual universe.

One of the things that continually frustrates people is that it is so difficult to get anything done in this physical universe because of things like gravity and resistance and time. Communication is done by bodies emitting sounds which other bodies have to interpret. Energy transmission is limited by resistance and distance and other factors. Efforts to use your spiritual abilities are discouraged

There is no time or distance in the spiritual universe and communication occurs instantly over incredible distances. Cause and effect can occur without any physical connection. A being in a body in Virginia can heal a person 9000 miles away with a few minutes of conversation.

Every time we do an SRT session, we are breaking the rules of the physical universe because we are talking to people who are no longer here physically, I am working on ways for us to break more physical universe rules so that we can keep our bodies healthier and make more money.

The webinar will be free because I need more of your help to get my Talking to Spirits book completed and published. I need to get feedback from you in the webinar and I will be inviting you to submit your experiences talking to spirits and how that has changed your life. There will be several sections in this new book for discoveries people have made by talking to spirits.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 12 noon EDT at the usual link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

1 thought on “8-5-18 FREE WEBINAR – On Breaking the Rules of the Physical Universe

  1. aly

    Great webinar! Thank you, David! It’s fun to get together with people that have similar interests and hear their stories… Looking forward to your book!


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