A Frank Discussion About Curses

A being can curse someone to punish them and the curse can take almost any form. A curse is any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall or attach to one or more persons, a place, or an object.

It is an intention that harm or continuing failure will continue to occur to the target of the curse. Once the existence of the curse is spotted, removal of the curse with SRT processing is rather straight forward.

Spotting the existence of a curse is more difficult that you might expect because a curse can take many forms. Here are just a few of the manifestations of a curse:

  1. Continuing failures in efforts to find work
  2. Continuing failures in establishing and maintaining relationships
  3. Harmful things occurring to loved ones with no apparent cause
  4. Recurring illnesses with no apparent connection to sources of infection
  5. Life seems to be a continuing roller coaster – any success is followed by an inexplicable disaster
  6. When counseling is sought, gains are temporary with lowered spirits occurring immediately after each win.
  7. If improvement is obtained through training or counseling, attentions seems to be fixed on how much is left to do rather than any accomplishments or gains. Gains appear to be insignificant against the enormous effort required to attain the desired result.
  8. No matter what you do, you can’t get any satisfaction

Some curses cause a rapid decline and death, but the painful ones cause you to keep trying with nothing but failure as a reward.

If you feel any of this applies to you, here is the probable cause based on dozens of successful curse liftings. At some time in your past, maybe a long time ago, you did a harmful act to someone or many people and they considered this act to be totally unfair and uncalled for.

You did not just kill them, you did it in a way that gave them no dignity and diminished them as beings. For example, being killed in battle is a normal event and those killed go off and pick up new bodies in time. Being killed because your leader betrayed you can cause you to attach yourself to him forever so you can provide counter intention to everything he does from then on. This can go on for infinite lifetimes if you are determined enough.

When a person is killed and then her body parts are mistreated or befouled in some way, the victim will haunt the killer and see that his life is made miserable forever. If a village is destroyed by invaders and the victims are treated in a despicable fashion, their spirits can haunt the leader of the invading force and make his subsequent lives miserable. It will not help if the leader takes up a holy order or becomes a saint in subsequent lives, those who haunt him will not relent.

Handling a curse requires that the cursed person understand the reasons that a curse exists and then is able to locate an incident where he may have caused harm to those who are haunting him. This is actually easier than it might seem because learning why curses exist will stir up incidents which have resulted in curses. Once the incident is located, SRT processing will handle the beings involved and will result in freed beings and realizations on the part of the person cursed.

There can be more than one curse on a being as the behavior which resulted in being cursed may have occurred many times over many lifetimes. It may take several sessions before all curses are located and fully handled. Properly removing a curse must include insuring that the cursed person changes his behavior so that his destructive behavior does not continue. If he has a long history of doing despicable deeds, he may have been cursed himself or be operating off false data.

You will be able to tell when you have lifted all of the curses because the person will no longer feel hunted and will make stable gains in his SRT sessions..

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