How do I get started talking to spirits?

The easiest way to experience spiritual communication is to get a session from a person who has studied Spiritual Rescue Technology. The counselor will help you locate a spirit and he will begin to converse with the spiritual being. You will find unfamiliar thoughts entering your mind with every question the SRT counselor asks.

The counselor will ask you to relate the thoughts that come into your mind exactly as you receive them. and within minutes you will find yourself calmly channeling thoughts from the spirit. The counselor will ask the spirit questions to help him get oriented and you will be receiving his answers. You and the spirit and the counselor will be able to converse.

As you receive the spirits thoughts, you may also begin to receive images of the activities the spirit is describing. After a few sessions you may see what the spirit is communicating as a live action sequence of images like a video.

The images you receive can be quite startling as you are receiving the spirits memories of dramatic moments and strong emotions. The first time you see a spirit in full colonial dress complete in all details, you will begin to understand the amount of data that becomes available when you can talk to spirits.

Since spirits are immortal and have been around for very long times, you will get images of unrecorded history that will tempt you to study ancient history and ancient legends.

Once you have a reality on spiritual communication, you will be encouraged to communicate with spirits on your own. The easiest way to do these solo sessions is to sit down and meditate for a moment until you are calm and in present time. Then take a pen and paper and ask the spirits what you want to know.

If you start with simple questions like, “Is there anything you would like to share with me?” You will be amazed at the thoughts that start running through your mind. Write them down as you receive them and be sure to acknowledge that you have heard and understood. This ancient process is called spirit writing and has been used by authors and other writers for hundreds of years. If you ask your questions in a caring way, you will get answers almost every time. If you are impatient or authoritative, you may not get any answers at all.

The real secret to this simple process is that when beings see you writing their thoughts down on paper, it is a huge acknowledgment that they exist. Some are so grateful for the opportunity to express themselves, they may go on expressing themselves for many pages.

When I am writing articles like this one, I exchange ideas with my spiritual companions for some time until we are in agreement on what we want to say. Then when I start typing, the ideas come to me in a steady flow with occasional corrections as we decide to change things on the fly.

As you get used to working with your helpful spirits, you will find that they will send you a steady stream of bright ideas and comments about everything even when you are not writing. In actual fact, most of the time these spiritual companions have been trying to communicate with you for years and only occasionally have been able to break through because you did not recognize whose thoughts they were. Once you get in good communication with your spirits, you will never lack for good ideas again.

(This will be a chapter in the new Talking To Spirits book)

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    After writing this, I started to get some suggestions from spirits who helped with the article. They dictated an article, “They Need To Know About US” which can be found on the SRT Archive site shown below.

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