Increasing Your Ability To Create

You may think that you have been a creative individual, but that is not the entire story! You are a composite personality and each part of that personality is a unique being who has been working in concert with you or against you for many years. If you have been able to create, it has been with the help of, or in spite of the hindrance of spirits.

In order for a group to create results on demand, the members of the group need to be in agreement and operate in alignment. You are a composite personality and some parts of your personality are beings who do not even know each other exist! We have seen proof of this in session after session.

If you have ever tried to work with a disorganized group to get things done, you probably have had enough bad experiences to make you wary of doing things in a group you could not control. Trying to get a random group of people to agree on a particular course of action? Sheer chaos!

Trying to get any nonaligned group of people to work together is difficult. The armies of the world have worked on this problem for centuries and their solutions produce uniform physical actions, but do not lead to creativity.

Getting a group of individuals to subscribe to a common purpose has been done for eons by churches and cults, but the indoctrination required stifles creativity.

Creativity by a group requires an understanding of overall goals and alignment of purpose while embracing contributions by individual members based on their past contributions. The group must be able to communicate on various channels simultaneously while the overall direction should be managed by one individual with subordinates handling separate responsibilities.

Project teams in corporations have managed to accomplish creative tasks with enough efficiency that the concept is still well regarded although aligning the project to an overall exterior goal has been a long standing issue. The problems usually stem from insufficient open communication between upper management and the project team.

You may ask what this has to do with your ability to create results in life? As a composite personality, you have a group of beings who give you advice and influence your behavior and even affect every decision you make in life. Their actions and advice are based on experiences they received many lifetime ago and these experiences may have little relationship to what you are experiencing now.

Unlike you, the beings who surround you are not operating in present time. They are observing your challenges from an 12th century viewpoint or a 1940’s viewpoint and their suggestions may not relate to the problems you are trying to solve.

If you find yourself thinking, “I don’t know if I can do this!” or “This is boring” or “I’ll show them!” you have helpers from another time and place.

When you are uneasy when meeting someone new or unwilling to call someone to make an appointment for a meeting, you have beings who are fearful because of their past experiences and you are misowning their emotions.

It is very hard to be creative if you fear failure, because creative efforts are just one failure after another until you get it right. If your spiritual companions are afraid of failure, and most are, they will make it very difficult to keep on creating when things don’t work out the first time.

Creating new things is one of the most exciting things a person can do. A person will normally be in enthusiasm or strong interest while doing this. If you are not in this high emotional range, you have low toned spiritual beings who are interfering with you.

If, in the middle of a project you feel fear or doubt or apathy, you need to handle the beings who are being triggered by your creativity. If you feel you need to take a break and watch TV, you probably have beings who are doing their best to distract you. If you are worried about finishing on time or doing the right thing, you need to handle the spirits who are being triggered by your current situation.

Once you handle the upset beings with SRT processing, you will find that your progress increases markedly.

This is not the end of the story however. If you communicate with your helpful spirits in daily solo sessions, you will find that they have helpful suggestions that you should listen to. You should feel free to encourage them but you will also need to let them know what your overall goal is so their suggestions align with what you need to accomplish .

If you continue to recognize helpful suggestions and warnings and acknowledge the beings who are originating them, you will find that other beings will start contributing helpful suggestions and your creative work will become easier almost without effort.

You can, of course, ignore all of this advice and do your creative work without acknowledging the bright ideas from others, but you may find that the creative process gets harder and harder as time goes on and you will suffer what people call, “creative burnout”.

You and your spiritual helpers should never experience burnout. If you acknowledge your spiritual teammates for helping you create, their contributions increase over time and their morale does also.

Don’t set yourself up for burnout. Get your team working in alignment and creative activity will be an absolute joy.

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