Do You Feel You Deserve More Money?

You probably do, but you will not get it until you handle the following issues which are blocking your money flows.

  1. You or your beings are resisting inflows of all kinds.
  2. You or your beings are still hiding from discovery
  3. You or your beings consider that you do not deserve wealth
  4. You or your beings consider that you are inferior to others
  5. You have been taught that making money is somehow dirty
  6. You do not understand that all wealth building activity is based on exchange

Once you address these issues for yourself and for your spiritual companions, you will see a remarkable increase in money making opportunities.

People will approach you and offer employment with no particular effort on your part. People will suggest opportunities to you without prompting.

You will start to see improvement in your money situation as soon as you begin handling these barriers. Please do not stop until you have handled all the these barriers and you are making the money you deserve.

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