What Kind Of Processing Improves The State Of Spiritual Beings?

Our SRT processing is primarily directed toward spiritual beings without bodies, but everything in this document applies to beings wearing bodies.

First, let us define “the state of a spiritual being”. A being generates life force which can be characterized by quantity and quality. A being that is doing well generates life force that is harmonious with the rest of the environment. The degree of harmony can be identified by the emotional tone level produced by the being as it reacts with other beings and its environment.

The emotional tone levels produced by a being can range from being matter without the ability to think up to extreme exhilaration and total omniscience. Beings at the bottom of the scale are incapable of influencing anything and are total effect. Beings at the top of the scale are capable of anything and are total cause. We do not seem to see many of those yet.

Most of the beings we encounter in sessions are in the range of total unconsciousness to enthusiasm, depending on the number of incidents they still have attention on. Spiritual Rescue Technology seeks to free beings from these incidents and restore their free will and it does this with time tested processes that awaken the being and get the being to recognize his own existence and then take responsibility for his current condition.

Awakening a being without raising the being’s ability to take responsibility for his condition produces a being who is able to be active but who has no ability to harmonize with others or understanding of the need to act in harmony with others. Scientology developed a way to wake up beings in great quantity and to drive them away from the people these beings were attached to. This is like exorcism in which beings are woken and then driven off by forceful intention. The final result is beings who are now awake and in no better shape than when they struggling with the last incident they experienced.

Aside from exorcism and Scientology, there are other ways to wake beings up without improving their responsibility level and their free will.

Some individuals have the ability to look at beings and duplicate their intentions and cause these beings to leave immediately. This has been called “blowing by inspection” and there is no doubt that this causes beings to leave a location. The unseen result is that the state of these beings has not improved, they have merely been relocated.

There have been no realizations by the beings involved and the net value of this activity is that beings have been relocated with no improvement in their condition. They can continue to affect the person and often do. I have been monitoring those who rely on blowing beings by inspection and I have not found the positive results that are obtained by standard SRT processing.

There is another way to wake up beings and make them feel better without raising their responsibility level. One can flow admiration at beings and clusters of beings until they wake up and feel great, but this action does not improve the actual state of the beings because they have had no realizations or increase in responsibility.

The admired beings may even drift off and leave the host person feeling better, but the beings will be triggered by the original stimulus if it reoccurs. The raising of tone level due to admiration is only temporary and the beings will revert to their previous tone level and activity as soon as restimulation occurs.

Most SRT procedures raise awareness and responsibility of the beings addressed and these changes are permanent.

There are other SRT processes applied to masses of beings who are trapped in a body and are below awareness. These processes wake the dormant beings up and enable them to leave the area they are trapped in. These energy masses can contain immense quantities of beings and they can affect a body negatively when they exist. Waking the beings up gently and enabling them to leave seems to be the best process for relieving the body of this problem. As other discoveries are made, there may be ways of processing these incredibly large masses of beings to a higher state of awareness after awakening them.

In summary, in order to bring beings up to a state where they can exercise free will in harmony with others, it seems best to do the following:

  1. locate the incident they still have attention on

  2. get them to recognize what they did or failed to do which caused the incident to happen

  3. get them to recognize how they justified the action

At this point they will be operating in present time and will be cheerfully able to decide what they want to do next.

If the beings are not happy with the process, they are not yet in present time and will need additional assistance. If they resist doing the three steps of the SRT process, they are controlling the client and you will not make progress until the client recognizes that he is being controlled and is willing to work with you to resolve the problem.

If regular SRT processing does not raise the tone level of the client after several sessions, you may have a situation where the client or the beings are not running the process, but are doing something else.

If you cannot get them to cooperate and run the process as described, you will not be able to help them and should politely discontinue sessions and return their unused money.

You are not required to help everyone, only those who want to be helped. Their actions will show you which category they are in. If you are not able to see improvement in the state of your client when you are doing your best to help them, you need to let them find another counselor.

SRT works like magic on those who want help. Stick with those who appreciate your help and you will flourish and they will also.

3 thoughts on “What Kind Of Processing Improves The State Of Spiritual Beings?

  1. aly

    Hi David,
    I’d like to know a little more what you are describing when you say, “A being generates life force…” Are we talking about modulating or creating? It got me to thinking…

    1. admin Post author

      A being creates life force. You can perceive the life force in an animal or plant or human being. Every cell generates a little life force because there are spirits in all living tissue.

      The life force varies as the being becomes stronger or weaker.


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