Why Sharing SRT With Your Friends Can Be So Painful

There will come a time when you are so pleased at the incredible changes SRT has made in your life that you will want to share your joy with others you love.

Unless you have incredibly perceptive friends, they will probably think you have lost your mind!

Why is this? Why is it so hard to communicate the joy you feel to others who have loved you and supported you throughout your relationship?

If you are enjoying the benefits of SRT counseling, you have probably experienced a major reality shift since your first contact with Spiritual Rescue Technology. You know where the voices in your head come from and you can perceive spiritual beings when they affect you and when they take over the personality of your friends.

You have also experienced the incredible rush that occurs when a troubled being wakes up and stops tormenting you and peacefully leaves you to begin a new life. Once you learn how to achieve this relief, you gain the tools to repeat this over and over again.

So, here you are feeling wonderful and you desire to share your experiences with others. You have changed and you would like others to have the same experience. I applaud your intentions and your enthusiasm, but I suggest that you tread carefully so that you do not upset your friends and family with information they are not ready to receive.

If you are like most people who are eager to share, you will regale your friends with the things you have experienced and seen and they may listen politely but they will never look at you in the same way again. You will have convinced them you have really lost your mind and you may lose a long time friend in the process.

For example, how long did it take for you to get involved in Spiritual Rescue Technology from the first time you saw or heard it mentioned. Usually, a person will hear about a new spiritual activity and will wait months or even years until they feel a need for change which the spiritual activity might deliver.

The person whose life is relatively stable, even if they are not happy, is not ready for change. If their basic needs are being met, they are not likely to pursue life changing activities. SRT is life changing and can change a person’s personality practically overnight. The timid individual can become far more aggressive in stating their needs and wants.

People who are stuck in a rut may be looking for a miracle, but may been drawn into a cult like Scientology, or EST or any of the charismatic groups that appeal to desperate people looking for salvation. There are many thousand of these disappointed people who will get triggered when you talk to them about talking to spirits.


It is best if you proceed slowly. Wait until someone asks what you have been doing recently. Respond with a VERY BRIEF statement about communicating with spirits. Something like, “I have been taking a class on talking to spirits.” AND STOP THERE.

If the person shows no interest or changes the subject, Go no further with talking about spirits and discuss a topic like the weather.

If the person asks about your experience with interest, you can mention that you talked to a spirit about his life as a bank robber or as a suicidal housewife. Keep it very short like one sentence long and wait for the person’s response. If they say, “Oh, that’s interesting!” and change the subject, stop talking about spirits and do not try again.

If they beg you to go on with your story, tell them enough to show that you really talked with a spirit and stop there. If they want to talk further, get them to read one of my books and tell them it will give them the entire story.

If they want to tell you about their encounters with spirits or the voices in their heads, let them say whatever they want to say and tell them the book has a lot of information about that kind of thing.

Getting them to read a book will sort out the people who are actually interested in talking to spirits versus people who want to share what spirit stories they have read.


The bottom line is that if after telling someone about your spiritual experiences, they do not come back to you and ask for more information,they are not interested in pursuing the matter. Bringing it up again when you meet them or at family gatherings will generate more resentment than you can ever imagine. Keep your spiritual secrets to yourself and never mention them again.


There will be people who light up when you mention speaking to spirits and you should reserve your sharing of information to them. They will approach you again and again with questions and you will have little trouble getting them in on the most disruptive spiritual technology available today.


Be prepared to state confidently what you have experienced with spirits if anyone asks you, but do not attempt to share more unless you are asked for details. Do not attempt to preach to the uninterested or to those who hate spiritual matters.

If you follow these rules, you will find that the people who are impressed with your confident attitude about spirits will send others to you who are in need of help.

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