Positioning for: Talking To Spirits – The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy

Positionng for:  Talking To Spirits – The Key to Understanding Life Force Energy

The cover graphics and the treatment of the spiritual material will appear to be in alignment with the many other books in the “Talking to Spirits” genre.

The focus will be on the spiritual experiences rather than on the technology involved in handling spiritual beings in distress. The purpose of the book is to bring about a deeper understanding of the role that spirits play in our lives and how talking to these spirits will bring about a desirable change in our relationship with spirits.

I will be illustrating almost all of the main points in story format because the relationships and imagery of the spiritual world is best conveyed through stories.

The chapters will be short with numerous pull quotes and graphics to highlight the most important points to remember about spirits. The book will be written in a conversational tone to make assimilation of the many new ideas as easy as possible. The language will be simple and will be as non-technical as possible. If a complex idea is to be presented, I will include a graphic to illustrate the important relationships.

There will be numerous examples from real life, but the stories will be carefully anonymized to protect the privacy of the clients involved.

I will be contracting for a cover design that will communicate the serenity that talking to spirits brings about while providing a link to the earlier books to show a prior history of publications in this important area.

This is an early draft of the cover to show the kind of positioning I hope to achieve.  I hope to have a professional execute a design that incorporates the positioning with appropriate graphics and typography.

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