Unmistakeable signs that an upset entity is temporarily running someone

Reposted from September 13, 2016 because some of you need to be reminded.

The person whines about someone making them unhappy. Constant complaining for the purpose of getting sympathy and support. They complain about you or your inadequacies in an effort to mke you wrong.

Someone is advising you about something and the tone of the advice is no longer friendly and helpful. This can take the form of truly helpful remarks followed quickly by a critical remark.

The answer is always: Locate the entity and handle him.

One more possibility. The entity may not be attached to the client who is complaining.

Get the client to spot who he has attention on and what has transpired between them to cause the lasting upset. It may not be this lifetime.

I had a client who was still upset about a customer who tried to pass a bad check on him for many thousands of dollars. I pulled all of his considerations and he was still upset, until I asked if he had killed the fellow in a previous lifetime. He laughed and even though he could not spot the exact incident, all of his upset blew and he no longer had attention on the person who actually had tried twice to cheat him for a great deal of money.

Do not be reasonable. SRT Axiom #1 will help you debug almost any situation. If the person is not enthusiastic about something he should be pleased about, an upset entity is involved.

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