Sunday Webinar 7-8-18 – Three Major Puzzles: Identity, Unfairness and Misownership

IDENTITY has to do with who you are and how others perceive that. If you claim you are an independent being while being run by other beings, the identity others perceive is not the one you think you are projecting.

UNFAIRNESS only applies when you and others are playing the same game with the same rules. If you do not know what game others are playing, why do you think your rules apply? If you are not willing to look into another person’s mind, how do you know what game they are playing?

MISOWNERSHIP is what allows other beings to run your lives. Misownership occurs and you are being someone else. The opposite to misownership is being yourself. When you cannot recognize misownership, you are under someone else’s control. If you are able to talk to your spiritual companions, misownership is less likely to occur.

We will discuss how to solve all three of these puzzles to your satisfaction.

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