Messages From Our Spiritual Partners

(Republished from 2014 because it is still important)

Some of us who are accustomed to communicating with entities find ourselves getting unsolicited messages from them. This is not because we are in danger or are about to win the lottery, it is because they are just frustrated at our inability to see the bigger picture.

A group of my entities woke me up early Friday because they urgently want to share information they felt I was missing.

They found no fault with my efforts to heal other people’s bodies and minds and to teach other to talk with spirits, but they really felt I needed to widen the scope of my activities.

They wanted to give me a new viewpoint of the importance of SRT and a new urgency to share it with the widest audience possible.

Here is the basic information they delivered. These were their exact words:

–Peaceful coexistence with others is vital for our survival.

–This applies to our spiritual companions too.

–Achieving a peaceful existence begins with talking to our spirits.

–There are many more of them than there are of us so treating them as the opposition is a recipe for disaster.

–The true mission of those who are waking up is to assist others to wake up and recover our free will and our free range of abilities.

–This requires us to pacify and enlighten those entities around us so they can participate in the awakening and empowerment

We have been concentrating on helping our clients and their entities and had not stepped up to spreading a message that peaceful coexistence with spirits is vital for our future happiness as human beings.

After you handle the spirits that are making your life difficult, it is time to work on coexisting with spirits on the widest scale possible.

I will be writing more about this and welcome your thoughts on this matter.

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