6-28-18 Free Workshop – Observe Delivery of SRT Sessions to Volunteers

This will provide you with the opportunity to observe SRT in action so you can learn how it works and have the chance to develop your ability to observe spiritual beings in action.

Watching a live session is one of the best ways to develop your spiritual perceptions which are essential for the most effective use of Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Everyone has some telepathic ability, but like any ability, it is improved through exercise. If you pay attention to what is happening in an SRT session, you will soon notice that you are picking up impressions, images, concepts and even clear communications telepathically.

I need two volunteers. If you would like a free session in this workshop, please email me at srtcounseling@gmail.com or reply to this post.

During the session, only the counselor and the volunteer are on the screen. All spectators are invisible and their microphones are muted. I make every effort to make the sessions comfortable for the person receiving the session. That person will receive case gain and can handle whatever they wish to address.

The workshop will occur tonight at 7pm EDT on Zoom.

You should use the regular link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

1 thought on “6-28-18 Free Workshop – Observe Delivery of SRT Sessions to Volunteers

  1. admin Post author

    This was a highly successful workshop with a great deal of participation by the attendees.

    The SRT session dealt with an inability to communicate stemming from an extreme case of this-lifetime abuse. The person regained a significant ability to communicate as a result of this session. It was a big win for all of us attending.

    No recordings will made available of this workshop because of the personal nature of the session.


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