It will be nice when we regain more of our old memories

I have flashes of memories from the distant past, but other than a gratifying sense of occasional victories, I do not have working knowledge of the technology in use in those distant days.
Working with a client recently who was experiencing annoying pressures and mass, we discovered the crew of a commercial space ship. This cargo carrying space ship was hexagonal in shape and looked much the worse for wear with scratches on the hull and instruments that were not well maintained.
They had gotten lost because they had tried to fix the instruments en route and had wandered into a proscribed area and had been fired upon.
I asked them if the ship went faster than light and they did not think that was relevant. The drive was a spinning ovoid of some kind and I got the impression they could just teleport from place to place.
They vanished instantly when I showed interest about the spinning ovoid drive mechanism.
We got the impression they were not supposed to share data about the drive with primitive civilizations.

1 thought on “It will be nice when we regain more of our old memories

  1. Chuck Stewart

    Yeah, I am of the opinion that our science just has not advanced to the point where we can understand how those space drives work. A being who was hanging around for a very long time was a tech officer on a long distance space craft. She tried to explain how the ship sorta shifted out of normal space and bypassed it. I had no clue what she was talking about. Magic. Just sayin.


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