A Brief Note To my Ex-Scientology Friends

I spent 20 years in Scientology and am quite familiar with the real benefits that can be achieved using and experiencing some of the useful knowledge and practices of that organization. I spent most of that time as an auditor successfully dealing with spiritual problems at many different levels of complexity and degrees of seriousness. I also learned what was missed.

In spite of the fact that Ron Hubbard was aware of spiritual entities as early as 1952, there was little effort to deal with them until the OT levels were developed in the 1970s and these levels were mostly processes to exorcise these pesky entities from a person’s body. Ron seemed to view spirits as malicious entities and concentrated on how to get rid of them.

Insanity – Hieronymus Bosch

These OT processes did produce changes in the people they were delivered to, but they did not completely remove the pesky spiritual entities and there were some unwanted side effects. Multiple levels of processes were developed with the last one, OT8, being dictated telepathically to someone after Hubbard’s death. The various levels produced beneficial results in most people who received them, however it was widely recognized that these results were not always stable.

I received the OT levels and eventually gained the ability to exorcise spiritual beings on my own accord. I learned early on that I could reach out to these entities and handle them myself without the need for assistance from another person. This was a violation of the agreements I had with the Church of Scientology because you were not supposed to do this on your own without supervision from a Case Supervisor. By the time I reached OT7, I was considered to be an experienced OT auditor and could finally exorcise beings when I needed to.

I say exorcise as that is what the Scientology processes do. We used an E-meter to measure our body’s reaction to spiritual activity and we would ask questions until the meter reaction indicated that the being had left. Very rarely did we engage in conversations with the beings we encountered as this was not part of the patter we were supposed to use. We would ask a series of questions and if we did it correctly, we would experience relief from the departure of the spirit.

Although there was extensive discussion of the extensive population of troubled spiritual beings being placed on this planet, there was little attention to the actual numbers involved or to the fact that this enormous mass of beings was able to influence and control those of us who were animating and controlling bodies. Most of the OT materials were directed toward the removal of spiritual entities from our bodies. As a result, all of our expensive and extensive OT auditing had the effect of trying to empty an ocean of spirits with a teacup. 

When the auditing was over, the relief that was obtained would gradually disappear as more spirits rushed in to fill the gaps we had created with our auditing. Other than repair sessions to handle our diminishing powers, nothing was ever done to keep us stable and powerful. Those of us who were trained could maintain our focus and integrity but some OTs seemed to use their new abilities in undesirable ways. They would use their new confidence to evade the law or to run shady businesses. Others would seem to lose their expanded abilities after a few years and be no better than when they started.

Because I had been auditing myself for many years without the blessing of a case supervisor, I was increasingly aware of the vast arrays of disembodied spirits surrounding us and I began to research what could be done with these beings starting in 2010. I found that simply removing them was an endless task and each session could only provide temporary relief until the next batch of beings arrived. I also found that we were exchanging beings with others with every personal contact as well as picking them up when we went to hospitals whether as patients or visitors.

Disembodied spiritual beings like to hang around people who are doing things that interest them. Some beings are not up to that amount of activity and will lurk in cemeteries waiting for visitors. Other beings hang around in hospitals after their body dies and come home with interesting visitors. Beings who want revenge on someone will hang around that person and curse them and distract them for a very long time, even centuries.

In my counseling sessions, it is not unusual to find a being who is trying to get even for having been killed ages before. The injured being has never forgotten even though the being animating the body has carefully forgotten everything that happened before his birth in a new pink baby body.

The point I am trying to make here is that we live in a sea of disembodied spirits and they are not going away, even if we manage to blow up this planet and saturate it with radiation. There is a solution and it is far more satisfying than exorcising grumpy spirits.

I have discovered that spirits want to help if we are doing something interesting. They will contribute ideas and intentions and the results can be spectacular. We just have to learn to communicate in a caring way with our spiritual companions and learn how to recruit and manage them to work in harmony. These are skills that can be taught and the rewards are immense. My research shows that when a person has spiritual beings working in harmony with him, the possibilities are endless.

Our active spiritual companions outnumber us by at least 100 to one and they have ideas and intentions which can assist us if we are trained to manage them. If a person can stay in present time through training and good TRs, that person can handle the beings in their vicinity and draw upon their knowledge. If a person can learn to recruit other spirits at will, they can expand their knowledge and skill sets almost without limit. I am currently training clients to recruit and manage helpful spirits so they get faster results in every field of activity.

All of us have access to literally thousands of spirits with millions of years of experience in every field imaginable. Why not use their knowledge to make our lives easier and more satisfying?

Read Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology for more information about this opportunity.

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