Why You Might Want To Use Spiritual Rescue Technology

Spiritual Rescue Technology allows us to rescue spirits from the traps they have gotten into. It is based on communicating freely with spirits and restoring their free will.

All relationships between the material universe and the spiritual universe are dynamic. There is no static state, only those states maintained by spirits.

The reason for this is that the material universe is affected and controlled by intentions. These intentions are produced by spirits and exist as long as the spirit holds that intention. A spirit can maintain an intention as long as it wishes. Since spirits are immortal, they can hold on to an intention for a very long time, even one which is self-destructive.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we have encountered spirits who have held on to an intention for millions of years and have enabled them to change their minds in a single session. The key is using caring communication and knowing why a being could be stuck in an endless protest. Protests occur when a being feels that something is unfair and that only occurs when the being does not understand the rules of their environment.

An environment is created through agreements. If a being enters an environment and does not know or understand the agreement, they will not necessarily operate in harmony with the agreement and will get results they do not expect. They may protest what is happening and find themselves fixated on the incident which overwhelmed them forever or until someone comes along and frees them from their self-imposed trap.

Their attention is still stuck on the incident and the time at which it occurred while time moves on and they go through the motions of being alive with less and less life force at their command. Since they are not operating in the present moment, they will accumulate more protests as time goes on because they do not recognize the agreements that exist in their environment. This diminishes their life force still further until they drop further and further down the scale of life.

This dwindling spiral of life causes a being to drop from godlike powers to becoming human, then animal, then plants, and so on until the being acts as inert matter with no responsibility for anything at all.

It becomes harder and harder to rescue a being and restore its free will as the being sinks toward becoming matter, as each step downward is another agreement that responsibility is painful and should be avoided.

As a spiritual being, you always have a choice whether to take on more responsibility for yourself and others or to decide to not be responsible for things you do not understand. Every living thing you see in the material universe has made decisions on the way to becoming that thing. Being a plant requires less responsibility than being a rabbit. Being an amoeba requires even less. If you can’t take the stress of being a human being, there are a lot of ways to live with less responsibility.

If you finally decide you do not want the responsibility of animating a body and making it survive, you can become a disembodied spirit and deal with the problems of the spiritual universe. I deal with these beings every day and some seem to be quite happy without the burden of a physical body. They are occupied with trying to influence the physical universe and the beings animating bodies.

I have the feeling that operating as an immortal spiritual being and picking up a body every hundred years or so to play a part in history might be the most entertaining way to go. If I can learn how to bring my memories with me so I don’t have to spend years in school, that would be the best route of all.

Some are already doing this so I feel there will be a way that I can spend a few more lifetimes expanding Spiritual Rescue Technology and reaping the benefits from rescuing other beings from a dwindling spiral of life.

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