Resist The Temptation To Hate – Stay In Present Time

You live on a planet where you can encounter insanity and upsets in your daily activities. If you really understand that these are spiritual afflictions, you can be better prepared to deal with them when they occur. Suppose you live in an area where people are trying to overrun your borders and trying to find refuge where you live? These invaders may not speak your language and they do not know your customs. How are you supposed to treat them?


This boat full of refugees was bound for Europe and was found after days of distress on the Mediterranean Sea. These refugees were rescued by Libya’s Coast Guard and taken back to Libya. These people were desperate enough to pack themselves on this boat in such an unsafe manner and they are just one of many boats making the same desperate attempt to find freedom.

Refugee groups such as this are hated and feared by some people in the countries they are attempting to reach. Other groups are willing to help them because these people can be an asset to them. In most cases, these people are a burden on the economies and political structure of the countries they invade and they put a strain on the government that takes some time to fade.

The arrival of foreigners stirs up ancient memories of earlier invasions and a person has to be quite sane to deal with the issues that refugee populations bring without resorting to hate and opposition. A person who views immigrants as people like themselves who are in desperate straits can deal with the problems that such people bring and can work with those who are willing to work and build a future together.

If you don’t keep your attention on the present moment, you can find yourself giving in to fears that have no basis in reality. People who do not have their attention in the present moment will find they are reacting to something from their past. If they are responding to something that happened a long time ago and still frightens them, they can find themselves acting violently, hatefully, and inappropriately.

If you are not operating in present time, you may wind up fearing and hating people who are wearing strange clothes and speaking a language you do not understand. You will not see them as desperate people fleeing from danger, you will only see them as a threat.

If you keep your attention in present time, you will be able to tell who is honest and helpful and who is dangerous. This is not a matter of turning the other cheek, it is a matter of staying alert and in communication with whatever is occurring. Not all strangers are dangerous, that is what occurs when your attention is stuck on bad incidents from the past. Your ability to make good decisions goes away when your attention is not in present time.

If you are willing to reach out and make friends with those who want to be friends, your life will be far more pleasant. You will be far more likely to grasp the intentions of those you meet and to choose those whose intentions are helpful rather than harmful. You may find that caring communication, where you intend to raise the spirits of those you talk to, will open doors to opportunities you would never expect.

Resist the temptation to hate. Use your skills in communication to see if you can reach an understanding that will benefit you and those you are dealing with.

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