What Makes A Product Or Service Valuable?

A product or service is as valuable as it satisfies a perceived need. The value is not intrinsic to the product or service. Its value comes from what can be accomplished by using or owning the service or product.

There are thousands of elegant products and services which have never taken off as valuable additions to today’s technology. They may perform the function they were designed for but their use caused social or personal disruptions that made their use problematical or embarrassing.

A head-mounted camera/computer may sound like an elegant and futuristic solution to gathering data and making recordings for commercial use, but in today’s society, such data gathering runs up against privacy and security concerns.

This suggests that developing a successful product or service might start with identifying personal and public needs that have never been successfully satisfied, instead of taking some elegantly designed device or service and trying to find a market for it like the camera shown here.

When you look for a need that has never been satisfied, you also need to look at ALL of the implications of introducing this new product or service into the existing economy. If it is a disruptive technology that will affect everyday activities, like a smartphone that influences every activity you are engaged in and requires an extensive network of towers and transmitters, and satellites to extend the service to all possible customers, the preparation for release goes far beyond the design and production of the device itself. It is possible that society itself will need to change before a new product is acceptable for common use.

When we look at services that involve communication modes that are far outside the “normal” physical universe constraints, we are likely to run into security and privacy concerns that have never been successfully dealt with by regular society. There are many of us who can communicate telepathically with other spirits. This is considered imaginary by people who are rooted in more mundane belief systems where they believe we are all meat bodies and live once and then die for good.

What this means is that increasing a person’s awareness eventually allows them to perceive what another person is intending and act upon this information. Long-married couples develop this ability as do people working closely with others. However, people studying spiritual communication can gain this ability without working with anyone else.

Those of us who use this ability in our counseling find that it helps us to uncover problems that are not visible to our clients and lets us bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion in a caring way in far less time than can be done with random questions or a prepared list of questions.

More and more people are becoming aware that telepathy is real and is actually useful, but there are many implications of using this ability that need to be addressed if it is to become a commonly accepted part of social interaction.

Those who can use this ability have a major advantage in all social interactions. They can perceive positive and negative intentions, They can predict the course of future events by looking at the intentions of those involved in the event. If they operate in a manner to instill confidence in their integrity and purposes, they can be a tremendous force for good. If these talented people use their ability in ways that scare people, they will be the target of activities that will bring ruin in on them.

Is telepathic communication valuable? I feel it is and use it in a positive way every day. I think that the positive uses of this form of communication should be widely known and that trusted users should be available for assistance by those who need that service. The more people who can recognize and use telepathic communication, the safer the world will be. What you need to realize is that there are criminals who already use this ability to run scams and do criminal acts, so there is no point in pretending the ability does not exist.

I feel that classes in telepathic communication should exist and certification programs should be created so that a skilled telepath can state what his skill level is and be compensated accordingly. As recognition of telepathy as a known skill increases, there will be adjustments to certain educational practices like exams. We will eventually have telepathic exam proctors and attestations on exam sheets that no telepathy was used to gather information from other students.

Education may change dramatically when more people develop their telepathic skills because you can draw upon people who are not currently animating bodies for information.

If governments feel that telepathy is bad for civilization, I foresee bootleg telepathy training schools appearing and underground internet groups supporting the dissemination of telepathic training methods. Is telepathy valuable? I think so.

Introducing telepathy widely into society is going to take some work, but I think it will happen in the next five years. We can start looking at the implications for society now as there are thousands of side effects this will cause and it is better to be prepared than to try to wait and see.

Suppose some government officials with too much to hide decide to ban telepathy as a public menace and a criminal activity and decide to freeze your bank account because you are a telepath? They are already doing this in Canada for supporters of the truck protesters.

It is better to use your telepathic ability while you can and prepare for what is to come. It is quite valuable, but you have to use it.

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  1. Hans Burch

    Man sollte es nicht so eng sehen, jeder hat solche Fähigkeiten, sie sind nur bei jedem mehr oder weniger blockiert, was behoben werden kann durch SRT.

    One should not see it so narrowly, everyone has such abilities, they are only more or less blocked with everyone, which can be repaired by SRT.


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