A Gentle Reminder For All Scientology OTs

The Scientology OT levels train you to find and remove Body Thetans and other examples of traumatized life forces from your body and your immediate area. Nowhere does the material state that there is an ENDLESS supply of troubled spiritual beings that will attach themselves to you over time. The spirits who surround you and permeate your body are as plentiful as mosquitos in summer.

You cannot get rid of them, only clear them away temporarily. Unlike this illustration, they surround you completely and extend for miles. However, if you look at this collection of life forces as a resource rather then a plague, you can actually harness this spiritual power and achieve results that appear miraculous.

No matter what version of Scientology or derivative practice you are using, you have been assured that you can simply shed ALL of your “Body Thetans” and thereby become an Operating Thetan. This can lead to unhappy results because you can clear away enough of these spirits to achieve a splendid release but this release is only temporary. There are tens of thousands of other spirits who will attach themselves to you in the future. 

Every one of the OT levels is a release, not a stable state. You need to continue handling spirits as you encounter them in order to stay stable. Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) teaches you how to do this on your own as a regular practice.

Additionally, in SRT you are taught how to recruit helpful spirits and get them to assist you in your career and personal life. The spirits who surround you are as immortal as you are and they have talents that you may not have. When you learn how to communicate with spirits in a caring way, you can quickly build a team of helpful spirits who can augment your abilities in many different ways.

Some people have learned to do this on their own. We call them prodigies and there seem to be more of them every year. If you wish to transform yourself and increase your abilities read my books and these articles and avail yourself of online sessions with me. You will be able to use these spirits as a resource and your life will be much happier and more productive.

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