Discovering The Spiritual Realm

The first time you are outside your body is an amazing event. You are going along, just being human, and all of a sudden something drives you right out of your head and the world feels different.

I experienced this while driving home after some communications drills when I could suddenly see both sides of the road while I was looking straight down the road ahead and could also see well into the fields on both sides. My vision had suddenly expanded from a narrow view of the world to a 180-degree panoramic view.

Some people find themselves banging into things when they go exterior because they are monitoring their positions from points that are outside and ahead of the body, instead of from their usual points of view from the eyeballs.

Other people freak out because they realize that they can pick up thoughts and intentions from the people around them. This can make them very uncomfortable in public places. Some others start picking up thoughts from nearby spirits and find this very distracting.

After you get used to your expanded view of life, there are still more surprises that continue to happen. You start to perceive spirits in many different forms, sometimes as orbs of light, other times as ghostly figures, and other times as thoughts, or flashing images. Occasionally, a spirit will announce themselves as a voice that seems to originate in the middle of your head.

Once you learn to communicate in a caring and realistic way with the spirits who surround you, you will experience a continuous flow of information related to what you are doing, whether it is driving your car or designing a website. You start to think of something and you get helpful suggestions on how to do it better or faster. Once you get accustomed to this assistance, you will find that things move along very quickly and work takes a lot less effort than it did when you were trying to do things all by yourself.

Putting your friendly spirits to work is good for you and for them, as it gives them a role to play and responsibilities to assume, and they get acknowledgment for what they are doing. Otherwise, they have no assigned roles and do not get recognition or acknowledgment. Without acknowledgment, it is as though they do not exist. Beings of all types, whether in bodies or not, crave acknowledgment and recognition. When you give a being a task they can do and recognize that they have done it as requested, this builds morale and generates harmony within the group.

As your spiritual awareness expands, you begin to sense elements of the spiritual realm that are completely beyond comprehension. This can be frightening as you will feel that you are looking into an abyss and the abyss is somehow looking back. Keeping your attention on the tasks you need to accomplish and the spirits and people you need to help you with these tasks will keep you stable and productive.

There are technologies beyond comprehension and ancient civilizations using those technologies scattered across a million different galaxies. Some of those civilizations are responsible for the current condition of planet Earth. If you can read the Akashic records for this planet, you will see that this planet was used as a dumping ground for criminals and other disruptive elements. Searching for these alien civilizations is not a productive use of our time until we regain the spiritual awareness that will enable us to rehabilitate ourselves and produce a stable and sane civilization before we face more advanced civilizations.

If we learn to use our spiritual companions and get them to work in harmony, we will be able to deal with almost any of the civilizations which put us here to keep us from disturbing them. Contrary to all of the stories in science fiction, we are not a primitive planet with a primitive native population. We are the outcasts of a thousand advanced civilizations that could not continue to operate with us loose in their locked down and tightly-controlled realms. Our penchant for independent thought and rebellious activity destabilizes a fully controlled and subservient population. Isolating those of us who could not be contained enables those civilizations to maintain control as they see fit.

A space-faring civilization needs to exert control over technological progress or long space voyages are not possible. Our civilization produces change so rapidly that we cannot even read the storage devices we used a few years ago. Our cell phones have more computing power than the computers sent to the moon a few years ago. The way our technology advances, device compatibility lasts only a few years. Program compatibility does not last much longer.

I would not be surprised that other civilizations are carefully watching our technological ferment with great caution because we are advancing at a furious pace and they cannot allow this to happen to their technology. If we are not careful, we may find ourselves excluded from participating in extraterrestrial matters because our technology is incompatible with what they are using and if it gets loose in other civilizations, it could wreak havoc on long-established technologies.

If they keep sending outcasts down here, it is only a matter of time until we recreate technologies that will give us faster than light space drives and weaponry to defend ourselves against any hostile forces. I am sure we have people trying to create technology that never existed before but somehow should be possible. We have no natural barriers against unrestrained technical development and we will continue to push the envelope of development until someone attempts to stop us.

The appearance of extraterrestrial efforts to stop progress on this planet will galvanize our efforts to advance our technology and to coordinate efforts across the planets to counter attacks on this planet. One of the best ways to get our planet organized is to attack it with an external force. I am sure that this has been a factor in keeping us from being attacked in the past. Whether this concern will continue to delay attacks in the future, only time will tell. It takes a lot of resources to bomb a planet back to the stone age and if the job is not done properly the results could let loose a lasting series of changes on civilizations that may not be able to withstand such changes.

Our civilization is already producing ideas at such a rate that we may be affecting any civilization which is trying to control its population and its behavior. If other civilizations are monitoring our movies and our literature, they have to be picking up ideas that do not fit their standards of acceptable behavior. Trying to keep strange ideas out of a civilization may be a losing game. If our galactic neighbors start picking up our videos and our music, they may suffer irreparable damage to their established cultures.

As we become more spiritually aware, we should reach out and discover what cultural changes are being caused elsewhere by our new ideas and intentions being created daily on this planet. If we can create a tsunami of new ideas and cultural changes, we should do this knowingly, not accidentally. Let us encourage cultural changes that increase free will and personal freedom and inspire others to create in ways that enhance the quality of life everywhere.

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