Be Careful What You Think About Others

Your thoughts affect people, plants, and pets.

If you were truly aware of the effects you create with your thoughts, you would be a lot kinder just for your own well-being, if not for enhanced survival. I know that most people, even those who read my articles, do not realize that thoughts can stunt growth and even kill in some cases. After all, science does not believe in curses and witchcraft and barely understands the ability of a spiritual being, so after years of indoctrination why should you believe that your thoughts could affect another person or animal in a harmful way?

Why, you might as well believe that we are immortal beings who once had godlike abilities and through misuse of those abilities had crippled ourselves to the point where we no longer believe we are spirits and we die when our bodies die. After all, Science believes we have descended from apes and that life began when lightning struck the right combination of chemicals on this planet. They have studies and peer-reviewed papers to support that claim!

I am here to give you some semblance of hope that you are not just a shambling upright hominid, but are an immortal spirit with abilities far beyond anything you may have read about. When you learn to read the Akashic records, you will see activities that indicate we are at the tail end of a dwindling spiral of existence from godlike powers to barely being able to face the world without a morning coffee.

If you can do some simple exercises to see how your thoughts affect others, you might be able to grasp the idea that there are ways to rehabilitate your powers and you can discover the ways on your own. Your first step is to discover that other people’s thoughts can affect you and the second step is to discover that your thoughts alone can affect others.

Step One – Discovering other people’s thoughts

Have you ever worked in a hostile environment? One in which others did not bother talking to you but they looked at you with hateful intent? Did that give you confidence and a sense of well-being or did it make you cringe and shrink back into yourself?

Have you ever had to endure evil or lustful thoughts from family members? How did those make you feel? Especially when you could not mention them for fear of being punished. Those destructive thoughts from others are so common that we tend to suppress our memories of them.

On the other hand, can you remember a time when someone admired you without saying a word? How about a time when someone looked at you with loving thoughts? How did those make you feel?

These are just a few examples of the power of thoughts. They affect us every day and science does not have a clue what they are except to say that they are probably electrical flows in the brain. Thoughts are part of the spiritual realm, but they create results in the physical realm.

Step Two – Discovering the power of your thoughts

I have total certainty on this having seen thoughts make things grow and in other instances wither and die. I have also seen the damage that psychic assault can cause on a person as repairing that damage has occupied the majority of my counseling efforts.

I would like you to become certain that your thought can materially affect the lives of other beings in your vicinity whether they are in human bodies, plant bodies, or animal bodies. Let’s start by silently admiring someone and see how they respond. I would start with someone you know as admiring a stranger can produce unwanted reactions. Anyone who has casually admired an attractive member of the opposite sex, even from a distance, has experienced the shock of having them turn and look at you accusingly. They can feel your admiration, and unless they are in the business of selling their services on the street, they will not be impressed.

If you casually admire a person you already care for, you will generally get a positive response. They will brighten up as though you have delivered a compliment. If you continue to admire them without stopping, they will probably get uncomfortable. This should make it real to you that admiration and the thoughts you send with it are being received by the other person.

On the other hand, if you see someone you despise and look at them with disgust or annoyance, you may see them flinch or return an angry thought of their own. If this is a coworker or someone you have to spend time with, you will make them uncomfortable and will be uncomfortable yourself.

If you take a little time and confirm that your thoughts affect others, you can begin to get an idea that thinking the right thoughts can make your life easier and can gain you support from people who can advance your career and brighten your life.

Taking responsibility for your thoughts and the thoughts you direct at others will put you at cause over your life in ways you cannot imagine until you practice this until you master it. I take this up in my spiritual counseling but you can develop the necessary skills yourself starting from reading this article.

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