Our Understanding Of Anything Depends On Our Ability To Perceive

The parable of the blind men and the elephant still holds true for the spiritual realm.

I am aware of at least twelve different ways people perceive spiritual beings and their interaction with the spiritual realm is affected by what they have perceived.

Some researchers have developed means to capture the presence of spirits through physical universe measurements. Scientologists perceive spirits by the action of a needle on a meter. Some scientists perceive spirits by a rise in temperature. Some paranormal investigators perceive spirits by changing readings of field strength. Some photographers have captured auras with specialized cameras. Other photographers have photographed orbs of light when spirits were present. Some paranormal researchers have observed spiritual beings exhibit poltergeist capabilities by moving and damaging physical objects. These people evaluate a spirit by its effect on the physical universe.

I and my clients and friends have perceived spirits in many other ways and these have influenced our understanding of what the spiritual realm includes. Many of us have heard a voice speaking to us from the inside of our heads and in most cases, these voices were unique and identifiable as the voice of a person of a particular age and sex. Others have received a coherent string of words in thought-form, not sound and these thoughts provided clear instructions or warnings. Some of us receive images, either stationary flashes of 2D imagery or virtual reality videos in 3 dimensions. Some of us receive concepts that are not really images but are complete understandings transmitted as a coherent whole. And finally, some of us receive burst transmissions of complete and detailed stories in a short instant of time. Playing these transmissions back can take several minutes or even hours depending on the amount of data transferred.

There are also instances of perceiving a spirit in the form of a body which it once had. During a solo session, I saw the image of a young woman appear in front of me for a brief moment. Another time I saw a hot spot forming in front of me during a solo session and it moved slowly across the room and gradually winked out. The hot spot actually crackled because of the heat and distorted my view of the room beyond the hot spot. I have also seen computers and other machinery break down because of spiritual activity so I know that our perceptions of spirits and spiritual activity can vary over a wide range.

As a result of our differing perceptions of spiritual activity it is no wonder that we use so many terms to describe spirits and spiritual activity. Some of us call spirits angels and spirit guides, while others call them demons. Others use terms like entities, or manifestations, or ghosts to identify spirits. The list of names is actually quite long and merely describe a particular view of what a spirit is capable of. Here is just one version of that list:

Demon, devil, phantom, shadow, soul, specter, vision, apparition, appearance, haunt, phantasm, poltergeist, revenant, shade, spook, visitor, wraith, ethereal being, incorporeal being, spirit guide, Archangel, and angel.

These are not different beings, only spirits exhibiting different behaviors. You may have to do some research to validate this for yourselves, but you will eventually find that demons are merely angels having a bad millennium and if you communicate to them in a caring way, you will be able to rehabilitate them and set them free from the incidents they are stuck in.

All of these terms listed above describe a spiritual being exhibiting one personality or another. A spirit can come to a person in the form of Buddha or Jesus of Nazareth or one of the old testament gods like Marduk. The spirit may be your departed mother or grandfather who is still looking after you to make sure you live up to their expectations.

In short, we do not need to adopt one standard set of terms to describe spiritual activity. We just need to understand that spirits are living beings with a wide range of abilities and needs. If we communicate to them in a caring way we can learn what they need and want and perhaps persuade them to help us if they can.

So be prepared for anything when you begin to communicate with spirits. The rewards of learning what they know are unimaginable. The legendary Akashic records are merely the accumulated experiences of all of the spirits making up the spiritual realm. Once you learn to communicate with and understand spirits, you have access to the Akashic records and all they contain.

More on that later.

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