Broken Vows – An Age-Old Problem For Immortal Beings

We leave behind an endless trail of broken promises and unpaid debts.

An example of failure to provide a continuing exchange

You may have forgotten that you are immortal, but that does not change the fact that you made promises to people and organizations that you are no longer honoring. This is one of the reasons that certain people can make you feel guilty by looking at you in a disapproving way.

The inescapable truth is that we are immortal beings taking on human existences again and again and playing the game to the hilt each time around. We promise to love and obey forever and we do not remember that forever is a very long time. We drop one body and pick up the next and play the game again to the best of our ability. We join organizations that are formed to save the world or the galaxy and we pledge our allegiance to the cause. A few hundred lifetimes later, we are doing things that violate those solemn vows we swore and everything is going smoothly until we see an emblem of our old unit and we don’t feel so good anymore.

If you are feeling uncomfortable reading this, I can almost guarantee that an old memory is being stirred up somehow. What makes the matter even more annoying is that your spirit guides and personal demons are getting stirred up every time you visit historical sites or read about historical events.

You can run into this phenomenon at any age. You meet a member of the opposite sex for the first time and you are strangely attracted to them and they respond with unbelievable antagonism as though you were their worst nightmare. Neither of you can identify the source of these troubling feelings, but in your heart, you both know the other person has done something wrong to you.

This happens whenever you put a relationship on automatic. You agree to take part in something whether it is a marriage, a business relationship, or a religious vow, and you assume it will last forever. Circumstances change and the relationship is no longer safe or even viable so you decide to leave and betray your vows. You are stuck with the emotional burden of that betrayal for as long as your memory lasts. Since you can remember details of past lives when properly motivated, the feelings of guilt or betrayal can persist for millennia and more.

If you recognize that you are an immortal being, it is far better to make agreements that a relationship, marriage, employment, membership in the Loyal Officers, etc., will last as long as the agreed-upon exchange exists. That way, you will be creating the relationship every day and will be monitoring the exchange to make sure that exchange continues to exist. Exchange is what keeps any relationship together and those relationships that recognize and value their exchange will persist as long as they wish without problems.

If you are still troubled by the holy orders you took in previous lifetimes or by the marriage vows you swore in previous lifetimes, you need to determine whether there is an exchange that is still required. In this way, you can relieve yourself of the promises you made to serve Marduk or Moloch and can freely choose to live your life as you wish. If you were a Knight Templar and apply this strategy, you can free yourself to be a devout Muslim with no lingering feeling of unease.

The same is true if you were a temple priestess of Ishtar and now you serve as a nun in a modern religious order. Spotting and handling your previous vows will let you live the life of chastity you desire with no lingering feelings of guilt. Furthermore, if you choose to be happy in a male body in your next lifetime, you can handle any confusion about your choice by examining the promises you made to yourself and others in previous lifetimes.

Spirits are basically good and strive to live lives that provide them with a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind. Carrying memories of earlier lifetimes and the causes that were chosen makes men live lives that are filled with insane rage and purposes that do not fit in a sane society. Jack the Ripper’s efforts to eliminate the sex workers of his time were driven by forces he did not learn at his mother’s knee. Until we run across him in a future spiritual counseling session, we can only guess at the vows he had taken to give him such a nasty career path.

If you are not happy with the course your life has taken, you might want to look and see if you made agreements in times past that are contrary to your current lifestyle.

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