Preface to my new book, Working With Spirits

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It took me many years of dealing with spirits before I discovered that most of the spirits we have been warned about for thousands of years were actually trying to help us. I spent the first 30 years of my spiritual work helping people get rid of bothersome spirits and clearing buildings of spirits and the curses they had laid in on those places. Almost all of the disembodied spirits you will encounter are stuck in some incident that occurred a long time ago and which prevents them from picking up a new body and getting along with life as a human being again.

We are all immortal spirits and we have human experiences over and over again. When we experience an incident that totally overwhelms us with pain and unconsciousness, we may not be able to pick up a body and resume our lives as a normal human being again. In many cases, we find someone to watch over and we do our best to guide them away from harm. I work with these beings every day and most of their efforts to guide us produce results that confuse and harm the person they are trying to help.

If you have beings around you who have died in a fire, for example, you will experience fear and upset whenever you are working with open flames. If you have beings around you who have died in a plague, you may find yourself falling ill at the slightest sign of exposure to disease. If some of your spirits have failed in life or in love, you may find extreme difficulty in forming relationships or working with others. These beings are not deliberately trying to harm you but their reaction to everyday events is a result of a traumatic experience from the past which is still with them.

This book will show you how to help these spirits recover from their past experiences and how to invite them to work with you and share their knowledge to make your life easier. These spirits are immortal and they are an unbelievable source of useful knowledge when you learn how to work with them. You can see examples of people who rely on help from spirits when you see child prodigies composing music and solving mathematical problems with no instruction from teachers or parents.

If you read and understand the material in this book, you too can benefit from the vast knowledge that your spiritual companions can share with you if they are properly motivated.

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