The Basic Factors Involved In Communicating With Spirits


  1. They are immortal living beings just like you. but without human bodies.
  2. Every living thing has multiple spirits animating it.
  3. They have lived many lives before and have had every possible career you can imagine.
  4. They may be wearing animal bodies, other living bodies, or no bodies at all. They may be occupying objects.
  5. They appreciate caring communication.
  6. They respond positively to admiration, acknowledgment, and recognition of their existence as living beings.
  7. They respond negatively to invalidation, insults, abuse, betrayal, ignoring their existence, ridicule.


  1. They are almost always communicating with you in some way
  2. RARELY is it audio, usually it is a thought or an image. Sometimes an entire concept in video form.
  3. SOMETIMES, a spirit will just take control of you and make you say or do something you do not expect
  4. If you are prepared to listen, there is an enormous amount of information you can receive.
  5. If you can get them to help you, your life becomes much, much easier.
  6. Many of the routine tasks you perform daily are spirit assisted already. Tying your shoes, brushing your teeth, dressing yourself, driving your car on well known roads, typing on a keyboard.
  7. Many of the negative reactions you have to life situations come from spirits who are trying to protect you in some way. Something in your environment reminds them of a past incident which was painful and dangerous and they are trying to prevent it from happening again.


  1. Treat them with respect and they will respond to your efforts to communicate with them.
  2. Your ability to grant them importance as living beings will determine whether you can get them to work with you in harmony.
  3. If you are doing something that interests them, you can get them to help you for as long as you are doing that interesting thing.
  4. If you stop doing things that interest them, you will need to recruit new spirits to help you with your projects.

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