Hi Glenn,

I am very pleased that you have asked these questions. I have addressed them all in some post or book and am happy to answer them AGAIN on this site today. In order to do your questions justice, I will be answering them point by point in the order you asked them.

Q1- I guess one of my biggest issues with the concept is how does one “interview” a prospective entity – kind of like doing a job interview.

A1- I can see how this is an issue for you. If you can perceive life force, you can be aware of spiritual beings. If you can’t, then the hundreds of beings surrounding you are probably invisible to you. Beings have many levels of life force and some impinge on us while others stay in the background and only add emotions to the conversation. If you learn to meditate, which is like OT TR0, you will become aware of thoughts and images that are not yours. These are produced by the entities in your area who are trying to communicate with you.

Q2- Same as finding a life partner – at least 50% of marriages go bad so getting to know a potential spouse before signing on the bottom line is usually a good idea!

A2- I can respond to this as I have been married four times and each time was forever when we got married. This last one has lasted 30 years, so I have finally figured out what was going wrong. If you are growing spiritually and evolving, you need to find a partner who is growing and evolving in the same way. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to choose a partner of the same age group, and from the same culture and perhaps the same part of the world.

Q3- But I have not heard you discuss anything like this – just invite them all in and we’ll all just get along somehow.

A3- I only invite spirits to join me if they are interested in working with me. It is just like hiring help of any kind. Almost all spirits are stuck in some past incident, even the ones helping us. Some relish their victimhood and persist in that state even when freed from a past incident. I send them off to recuperate.

Q4- And as mentioned I have found some entities to be very dangerous and caused years of debilitating nerve disease and it took a Scn OT8 to get rid of it!

A4- OT7s and OT8s are able to work directly with spirits, but they are trained to get rid of them, not to communicate with them. SRT users communicate with spirits and find out why they are causing damage and send them on their way after stopping their compulsive behavior. When a spirit is stuck in an incident, he is out of present time and what he is doing has little to do with what is actually happening.

Q5- How many folks out there have access to a Scn OT8 to help them get rid of a dangerous entity?

A5- Not many, but they can get help from an SRT user by asking for it. SRT users get rid of dangerous entities every day for themselves and their friends. They can even rid their pets of entities when necessary.

Q6- If I didn’t have that OT8 as a friend I would still have that horrible nerve disease!

A6- I am very glad your friend was there for you. In the future, feel free to ask me for help if it or anything like it returns.

Q7- And that’s another thing – all these entities have different interests and case levels – I just don’t know if I would want to listen to all these voices in my head talking at once!

A7- I can understand that. I was trained as an auditor and I wanted to help people. Once I found that beings are people too, my natural instincts took over.

Q8- I only had one entity that talked to me and I didn’t like it and got rid of it – at least I think I did!

A8- Having a voice in your head can be very alarming. Not all make noise. Some communicate only through thoughts and images. Others communicate with pain.

Q9- How can you assure all these entities get along and don’t cause more trouble than I already have?

A9- A session continues until the troubled entity leaves of his own accord or decides to stay and work with my client. There are always more entities, which may be why you feel overwhelmed. That is why Scientology OTs sometimes have problems. The EP of an OT level involves the person attesting to the fact that all of his Body Thetans are gone. This, unfortunately, is impossible on this planet. We are surrounded by tens of thousands of discarnate beings, entities, and the only thing that happens when you have a huge release is that they seem to move away from you because they experience the release too. After a short while, they get keyed in again and your gains seem to be gone.

Q10- And you seem to be of the opinion that once you are stuck with an entity you are not allowed to get rid of it if they are not helping or causing trouble because that wouldn’t be compassionate!

A10- It is more compassionate to set a troubled being free than to keep him with you and in restimulation. Our spiritual companions are not bound to us. Mine come and go as my workload changes. Some like helping me write and others like working on mest projects. I have had several very helpful beings leave me because I was no longer doing what interested them.

I hope my answers have been helpful. You will find more answers in my three SRT books which are available on Amazon. When my fourth book, WORKING WITH SPIRITS, comes out this year, you will find even more useful information.

Thanks for taking the time to ask questions and express your concerns. Feel free to ask more.

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