You could think of the conditions of existence from a cause viewpoint, not an effect viewpoint.

You might want to think of these conditions from a spiritual viewpoint and consider them to be awareness states regarding yourself and your environment.

If your awareness is high enough, you are aware of something and the condition of its existence. The higher your awareness state, the more of the spiritual universe and the MEST universe you can be responsible for and influence.

You already may consider yourself responsible for the condition of the MEST universe you own and occupy. Can you consider yourself responsible for the condition of the spiritual universe you can perceive?

The traditional Scientology definition of conditions is based on the statistics of a thing, person, or organization. There is a unique formula for every condition that will raise that condition to a higher state. These are all based on material universe rules and effects. All of the necessary actions are couched in material universe terms. When something is observed to be in a non-optimum state, conditions are assigned by an observer, and blame is assigned for not doing the right formula. This is equivalent to rating a spiritual being by the MEST effects he is creating. In other words, a spirit is known and rated by his physical universe products.

If you consider your awareness state concerning any thing or topic as the condition of existence for that thing or topic, you may be able to do something useful to increase the state of existence for that thing or topic. If you are unaware of a thing or topic, you can have no effect on that thing or topic and its state of existence is meaningless. Only when you become aware of a thing or topic can you begin to affect its state of existence.

People who are unaware of spirits have no power over spirits and spiritual activities. Spirits who are aware of you have the ability to affect you depending on their level of awareness. If you are aware of spirits, and your awareness extends to understanding them and their motivations, you will be able to change their conditions of existence, regardless of their condition. For example, beings that are being MEST objects can be raised to a higher level of existence by beings who are aware enough and care to do so.

We have proved this already and we should explore what else we can do as spiritual beings using the idea that conditions of existence are awareness states regarding yourself and your environment.

Talk amongst yourselves while I create the next part of this continuing realization.

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