Free SRT Workshop On Raising Our Awareness – Saturday 9-25-21

Last week, we discovered a condition of existence below confusion and managed to raise the awareness of some beings who were in that condition by simply admiring them. There appear to be multiple conditions of existence below confusion and I feel that the conditions formulas as written apply only to beings who are having a human existence.

Please join me on Saturday to share your observations on conditions below human confusion and what might be the formulas that apply to those conditions. Spiritual Rescue Technology is finding answers to the problem of the dwindling spiral of life and you can be a part of that continuing discovery process.

This workshop will not be a lecture. It is an adventure in expanding your awareness and your participation will be another step in expanding the reach of SRT.

Join us on Saturday, 9-25-21, at 12 noon EDT using this link: 

Feel free to join us 15 minutes before 12 as we welcome early birds. Latecomers may be blocked if we have already started demonstration sessions.

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