A Good Friend Of Ours Discovered A New Condition Of Existence

We have reason to believe there is at least one condition of existence below confusion and that is when a being becomes matter, energy, space, and time, otherwise known as MEST. MEST has no volition, it has no responsibility, it is total effect. It is the end of the dwindling spiral of life.

In yesterday’s SRT workshop, we discovered beings who were being MEST, actual particles of sand and metal who had never responded to treatment before. They were individuals, with almost no life force at all. They had transformed themselves from being alive and conscious to an object, something approximating MEST. (matter, energy, space, time)

I asked him to admire them and they began to wake up the moment we realized they had become an object, even before we admired them and we began to get information from them as more and more of the clusters began to disintegrate (every piece of sand was becoming an individual). These clusters first recognized that they had stopped doing something to become an object and it was not something they decided for themselves. It appeared they didn´t have another option other than to become an object. It was their way to escape from the confusion. It was as if the natural step after the confusion is to become an object

As they woke up, they shared more and more of their realizations. Some were still in sand shapes, while others assumed metal shapes and others opened their eyes.

As they woke up, we could perceive their descent from beings with a history to becoming MEST with no volition. They mentioned other beings, who my friend recognized as Grays, who had tricks to take low-level beings and make them become MEST. This process was not described, but it is consistent with many whole track implant actions which alter the behavior of spirits and reduce their life force.

When they are MEST, they are not conscious of anything. So they don’t suffer. They don’t have to take responsibility. They don’t have to do anything. They’re no longer guilty. They don’t feel anything or think anything.

This is where my friend recognized that these beings who were being MEST were in a state lower than confusion.

When they are waking up from being MEST, the first thing they are seeing is us.

I asked, what was their realization when they woke up?

My friend said, “It seems like this is teamwork. Yes. Teamwork. I mean, there is no way they can realize something without someone else realizing something. We realized something about them and then they had a realization.” The very first realization s the realization of their existence and then where they were from and who sent them. All of this realization was made by my friend the observer.

He spotted that when we look at MEST, we should not go, “Who owns this, but who is this? Or, who are they?”

He also spotted that all groups of beings are going to become MEST eventually if they follow the dwindling spiral of life that currently exists. We are on the dwindling spiral by assigning cause to others and the end of the dwindling spiral is not death, but MEST.

We can wake up beings who are being MEST by admiring them and recognizing that they are beings who have abdicated all responsibility. With enough caring communication, it should be possible to rescue more beings who are in this state.

My friend feels we can wake up this “type” of being when they have something to do with us. If he did not have a shoulder problem he wouldn’t have put his attention on them. It is not like being curious about objects and trying to wake them up. It seems like there must be an honest interest

( I have the feeling that we can increase our awareness in the future and increase the number of MEST beings we can wake up.)

It seems that our recognition of their state is required for them to move up out of this state below confusion.
My friend and I agree that this is what happened.

My friend and I have different views on what the formula for this condition is and we will cover that in the next part of this article. We are scheduling another session on these beings below confusion and should have more answers at that time as to what the formula for changing that condition actually is.

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