Free SRT Workshop On Changing Conditions In Your Life

If you are not doing as well as you could be, it is probably because you are applying the wrong actions to your life and to your spiritual companions.

There are definite conditions of existence and each has a particular formula which can be applied. I have attached a simple table which shows these conditions and how to handle them. This table comes from a group called the freezone and the only thing missing is any consideration of the many spirits you have and how they affect your conditions.

Tomorrow, on Saturday, 9-18-21, We will be holding another free workshop and will be helping each other discover what conditions we and our spirits are operating in. These conditions and their formulas are some of the most powerful spiritual information I know of and ignorance of them are very costly.

You really have to be carefully coached to discover what your conditions you are in in life, at work, spiritually, and healthwise. This stuff is dynamite and can change your life dramatically if done correctly. It can actually destroy you if someone forces you to accept a condition you don’t deserve. One of the most harmful things that can occur is when someone assigns you a wrong condition. You can be stuck with that wrong indication for the rest of your life.

Join us tomorrow, Saturday 9-18-21, at 12 noon EST and we will work through the conditions together and find out where we are in several areas of our lives.

The link for the Zoom meeting is

Hope you can join us.

Here is the table I referenced above with a link for more information.

For more information:

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