SRT Quality Assurance – Part One

You can use Spiritual Rescue Technology to help a person with or without a body. You use telepathic communication with a disembodied spirit in your vicinity and use regular voice communication with the person running a body and the spirits surrounding that person.

We can call the first situation a solo session and the second situation a counseling session. The process steps are quite different and are described in two different handbooks and in my three Spiritual Rescue Technology books. See links at the end of this report.

The purpose of an SRT session is to raise awareness and life force in participating spirits. This is done by waking up the spirits involved with caring communication consisting of questions and some helpful information to help the beings involved to come to present time from wherever in time their attention is fixed.

When beings are overwhelmed, their attention is fixed on the incident in which this happened and much of their life force is locked up and focused on that incident and the confusions surrounding it. We have found that caring communication is one of the most reliable ways to get in communication with a being and gently bring them to an awareness of their situation and a willingness to do something about it.

Caring communication occurs when you recognize the being is a person much as yourself with goals and purposes that may have been defeated and entirely crushed by events he doesn’t understand. This being may even regard himself as a blameless victim of circumstances beyond his control. He may even feel that something you have done is the reason he is in his current condition. Whatever his reasoning or attitude, you will only set him free and restore his free will when you get him to recognize his role in causing his current dilemma.

There is a huge temptation to explain things for him and give him examples from which he can understand how he is actually responsible for the state he is in, but this is a mistake. After all, once you know the secret to taking responsibility for your life, you generally wish to share it. However, realizations about life need to be discovered if they are to be valued. Having someone else feed you a realization diminishes your worth as a being.

When you realize something as a result of your own observations, you own it and your certainty is increased and unshakable. When someone else feeds you a realization, you feel diminished and may even hate the person who did this. Nobody likes the person who tells them the truth about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. When you discover something for yourself you feel empowered even if the discovery is unpleasant.

Similarly, discovering what spirits are communicating is a powerful boost to your certainty. If you do this on your own, you have a certainty that withstands all attempts to tell you that you are imagining things. Your certainty will tell you that those who scoff do not have the abilities that you have and are no longer authorities about spiritual matters. You will know you have moved beyond the merely human state and can now begin to navigate the spiritual world without worrying about what the unaware think about your adventures.

If you are trying to help another person discover spiritual communication, it is better to ask a spirit a question and once you hear its answer, then ask the person what they perceived. If you do this carefully and with no prompting, the person will begin to spot emotions projected from spirits and then will begin to get full thoughts and other impressions.

The key to success in helping a spirit or a person with spirits is to ask questions that prompt them to think and discover things for themselves. Explanations and extraneous comments need to be kept to an absolute minimum. If you are doing the correct actions, you will find that the spirits and the people you are helping will be eager to continue working with you and discovering more about the spiritual realm.


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